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Value of SEA's Fintech Industry

Southeast Asia Fintech Industry Valued at 11 Billion USD

The total value of the fintech industry in Southeast Asia is valued currently at 11 Billion USD

Details of Vietnam and Japan Trade

Understand the Fundamentals of Japan & Vietnam’s Trade Under the VJEPA

Trade has flourished between Vietnam and Japan under the VJEPA and within the different trade blocs that the two countries are members of, here is all the data.

Chief Accountant Vietnam

Chief Accountant in Vietnam: Know Your Obligations

Every company with over 10 employees & an income threshold is required by law to employ a chief accountant in Vietnam, find out more.

EU companies moving to Vietnam

Why European Companies Increasingly Choosing Vietnam for Business & Manufacturing – An Overview

Did you know that Vietnam is Europe's 15th biggest trade partner? With the advent of the Vietnam-EU FTA there has been a steady inflow of investment from Europe.

Tax & Accounting Operations in Vietnam

The Right Way to Set Up Your Tax & Accounting Operations in Vietnam

Setting up your company's tax and accounting operations correctly from the start is essential to smooth business operations in Vietnam

guide to IT outsourcing to Vietnam

Comprehensive Guide to IT Outsourcing to Vietnam

With technological skills ranked second in Asia Pacific and big foreign corporations banking on Vietnamese engineers for their expansion plans, the prospects of IT Outsourcing to Vietnam is promising.

Vietnam Economy Growth 2030

Vietnam’s Economy Set for Regional Dominance by 2030 & Beyond

According to the recent projections made by the World Bank, Vietnam’s economy is expected to be the second biggest in SEA by 2030, after Singapore.

Automation in Vietnam

Automation in Vietnam Driving Economic Innovation & Industrialization

About 10% of firms' operational tasks in Vietnam have been automated in the last three years, this is expected to grow to 25% by 2023

Vietnam Electric Car

Vietnam’s Flourishing Electric Vehicles Market – What Investors Need to Know

Electric vehicles (EVs) are playing a pivotal role in Vietnam’s endeavor to switch to low-carbon fuel solutions. This is a guide for investors

Luxury Cosmetics Vietnam

Why Global Luxury Cosmetics Brands are Pouring into Vietnam

Vietnam has the fastest-growing middle class in Southeast Asia, fueling demand for consumer goods, including luxury cosmetics.

Top Podcasts in Vietnam

Top Business-related Podcast in Vietnam Entrepreneurs Should Listen to

This article will detail the top podcasts we recommend for entrepreneurs operating in Vietnam, ranging in topics from self-help to business.

Vietnam's Luxury Market

Vietnam is Asia’s fastest-growing market for luxury goods

The rising middle class with a larger income to dispense along with the country’s fast-growing economy are a few reasons why luxury goods brands are flocking to Vietnam.