Background Check in Vietnam for Employees: The Essentials

A background check in Vietnam is an imperative screening procedure during the pre-employment step. Here’s the essentials that you need to know.

A background check in Vietnam is considered an imperative screening procedure during the pre-employment step. Companies that perform background checks often have the ultimate purpose to protect their businesses from various potential risks.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing the best hires to work for your organisation, your routine recruitment practice should go deeper than just face value when doing business in Vietnam. Sometimes, hiring misrepresentation or even deception cannot be identified so easily with your internal human resource team.

Reasons for Performing Background Check on Employees in Vietnam

There are many obvious reasons your enterprise needs to have a background check to make sure you make a sound recruitment decision:

  • To obtain the most talented and qualified people to fit your job positions
  • To create a safe workplace for staff, clients, vendors, and other stakeholders
  • To avoid the occurrence of criminal activities, thefts, and misconducts from employees
  • To discourage applicants from concealing their previous records and forge fake information
  • To promote candidates’ integrity and honesty during their interview and application processes
  • To eliminate legal liabilities caused by the unlawful activities of an employees

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What to Check

1. Check the Criminal Record

Checking a candidate’s criminal record is crucial as it allows a company to know that if a potential hire has any criminal record and the potential threat to the organisation.

2. Verify the Education, Qualification, and Certification

Employers can know if a candidate has stated its education, certifications, and qualifications truthfully on a resume through a background check. Companies looking for candidates to fill specialised positions often require this check to determine their credentials.

3. Investigate Employment History

An employment history verification is important to organisations to authenticate the work experience and employment history of a candidate. This check enables companies to know an applicant’s integrity, job stability, and loyalty.

4. Conduct a Reference Check

Requests for an applicant’s references are also essential for background check in Vietnam. References will provide insights to employers regarding a potential hire’s performance history and their characteristics.

5. Review their Financial and Credit Background

In a credit background check, employers often check a prospective applicant’s financial and credit history to see if a candidate is financially responsible. This investigation is especially vital for companies looking for hires to fill positions that handle the organisation’s financial transactions and matters.

6. Check the Sexual Offender Registry

Checking the sexual offender registry helps a company avoid hiring someone who is a sex offender or has committed any violent offenses before. This is a critical check for employees working in the education sector or businesses that involve women and young children.

7. Conduct the Drug and Alcohol Tests

Industries such as driving and aviation must have their candidates proceed with drug and alcohol screening on a regular basis. These tests are to ensure that no employees will drive or maneuver their vehicles under the influence of alcohol and drugs that will eventually cause harm to the workplace and clients.

Background Check and Recruitment Outsourcing in Vietnam with Cekindo

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