The Importance of Mystery Shopping for Your Business

Doing business in Vietnam requires mystery shopping from time to time. Learn how mystery shopping is beneficial for business here.

Mystery shopping in Vietnam is a process in which a trained person is hired by a company to visit its retail stores or branches in Vietnam to assess and determine service quality and employee performance.

Through mystery shopping, businesses have an overview of what their competitors are doing and use the feedback to improve their customer experience and satisfaction. With that, businesses are always one step ahead of their competitors, allowing them to promote their brand and increase sales.

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A mystery shopping service can be customized based on a company’s business requirements. Things that can be assessed and measured through mystery shopping can range from things from employee cleanliness and friendliness to persuasive skills, store decoration to the checkout experience.

Mystery shoppers are highly sought after in Vietnam because it enables businesses to gain unbiased customer feedback and get better at what they do.

Here are more reasons mystery shopping in Vietnam is of significant importance in this booming economy.

Benefits of Mystery Shopping for Businesses in Vietnam:

Inforgraphic - Mystery shopping for business in Vietnam1. It Tells You About the Employee Performance

Mystery shopping is a good way to evaluate the performance of your employees and how they treat their customers. The results of the evaluation can be used to provide the required training to the company’s employees.

Then why not just ask the managers and supervisors to do the evaluation? This is because it’s human nature that employees will perform differently around their superior and the evaluation can be biased. Their behaviors are influenced and may act the opposite way just to impress the employers.

2. It Discloses How Satisfied Your Customers Are

For a business to be successful, you need to know how your customers think and feel from the very beginning when they first set foot in your store to the end when they pay for their products or services.

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Mystery shopping in Vietnam creates an unprejudiced circumstance, enabling a professional mystery shopper to interact anonymously with the employee to gain true, valuable insights about the service quality, determining the customer experience and satisfaction.

3. You Know Your Competitors

As the Chinese proverb goes, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles”.

Therefore, knowing your competitors well endows you with the opportunities to implement strategy effectively to improve your business performance and always be ahead of your competitors.

4. You can Improve the Buying Process

Another perk of engaging in mystery shopping is that a mystery shopper can help review the buying process at the point of sale. The review you later get from them will help you decide which step of the buying process you should adjust or put extra effort into to increase the customer buying experience.

There is no point in spending a lot of money on the Point-of-Sale system but having a subpar buying process and untrained personnel at the check-out counter.

How Cekindo can Assist

One of the most effective marketing tools is mystery shopping. Mystery shopping in Vietnam allows businesses in the country to measure their service quality, employee standards and organizational compliance to rules and regulations.

At Cekindo, we have a team of highly-trained mystery shoppers across Vietnam, dedicated to assisting business owners and managers to improve their reputation and protect their brand through service level enhancement.

Our mystery shoppers are from a wide range of profiles and they can observe and analyze employee commitment and provide your company feedback on training needs.

Cekindo’s mystery shopping in Vietnam can provide your company with a full evaluation of customer evaluation.

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