Invest in Vietnam for These 6 Compelling Reasons

With a new year comes new ideas and innovations. 2021 is the right time for investing in Vietnam because of these 6 reasons, check now.

Vietnam has made rapid development and the country’s economy is expected to overtake many Southeast Asian countries in the coming years. When it comes to investing in Vietnam, from the early 90s up until now, Vietnam has brought in a strong inflow of foreign investments, with the average GDP surpassing 7% growth each year.

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Apart from the country’s beautiful sceneries and amazing beaches, what draws in all the interest of foreign investments are the numerous business opportunities, abundant resources, inexpensive workforce, strategic location to China and favorable business environment.

So is 2021 the best time for you to invest in Vietnam? Yes, we’d say. Let us break down why Vietnam you should consider Vietnam as your next investment destination in 2021.

Reasons for Investing in Vietnam

why invest in vietnam 1. A Young & Growing Population

Vietnam is the 14th largest country by population with 95 million people. By 2030, the population will further grow to 105 million people. When a country’s population is growing, it means that the demand of manufactured goods will rise as well.

As the cost of labor has been increasing in China significantly, the huge population in Vietnam provides a cheaper alternative and greater skilled workforce.

2. A Stable & Prospering Economy

The World Bank concluded that Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world with an average growth rate of 6.46%. This also put Vietnam at third place of the largest economy in Southeast Asia.

Therefore, more industrial sectors are appearing, meaning greater business opportunities.

3. Strategically Great Location

Vietnam’s proximity to major cities and countries in Asia, especially China, makes it a favorable investment hotspot for foreigners.

Thanks to its huge coastline, Vietnam is in a position that is very close to important shipping routes for exports and imports.

4. Supportive Government Policies

In an effort to encourage more investment in the country, the Vietnamese government offers foreign companies incentives to invest in Vietnam.

For instance, multinational companies can enjoy tax exemption including import duty, corporate tax and land use tax if they invest in healthcare or high-tech sectors. A foreign investment amount of US$24.4 billion was recorded with the implementation of Vietnamese government’s several policies.

5. Favourable Trade Agreements

Vietnam is involved in several trade agreements with many countries, particularly with its Asian neighbours. The country is an important member of ASEAN and one of ASEAN’s objectives is to lower the intra-regional tariffs.

Vietnam’s market is further expanded with its improved relationship with Europe and China: Vietnam has recently signed EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement with Europe.

6. Progressing Infrastructure

With the growth of the economy, it is almost certain that Vietnam is experiencing a fast-progressing infrastructure. The Vietnamese government has allocated a big sum of money to invest in the country’s infrastructure in recent years: highways, hospitals, international airports, new ports, etc.

FDI Vietnam

Improved infrastructure means transportation and shipping within Vietnam can be more effortless and efficient. This creates many investment opportunities for foreign companies as the Vietnamese government has been collaborating with multinational companies in developing the new infrastructure in Vietnam.

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