A Guide to Obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate in Vietnam

Posted 2.11. 2020 by Cekindo

A police clearance certificate in Vietnam is an official document issued by an authorised agency of the Justice Department to identify if there are any criminal records against an individual.

Foreigners who are residing or have resided in Vietnam and want to apply for a Vietnam work permit or undertake a work permit application are required to obtain a police clearance certificate.

Types of Police Clearance Certificates in Vietnam

There are two types of police clearance certificates in Vietnam:

Police clearance certificate No. 1

  • For foreigners or Vietnamese who are now residing or resided in Vietnam
  • The purpose is for individuals to apply for a work permit or a new job

Police clearance certificate No. 2

  • For foreigners or Vietnamese individuals who do not have a permanent residence or temporary residence in Vietnam
  • The purpose is for individuals to study, get married, apply for a job, or apply for citizenship in Vietnam

Required Documents for a Police Clearance Certificate Application in Vietnam

Required documents for foreigners to get a police clearance certificate No. 1 in Vietnam per Vietnamese Law are:

  • An application form
  • A certified copy of the temporary residence certificate
  • A certified copy of passport and visa

Steps of Getting a Police Clearance Certificate in Vietnam

You can obtain a police clearance certificate in Vietnam from the authority of issuance by following these steps:

1. Register for police clearance certificate online

  • Visit the official website https://lltptructuyen.moj.gov.vn, then select your residency and place of residence
  • Fill in all details in the provided fields. They include your personal information (full name, sex, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, ethnicity, current address, permanent address, identity documents, email, and phone number), family members’ information, the process of residence, file upload, postal service, and others
  • Attach all required documents
  • Review your information and print the complete form
  • Sign the form

2. Submit the complete form along with your documents to the Department of Justice or the National Center for Judicial Records

  • You can submit by visiting their office in person in the morning
  • Or you can send the form through postal service

3. Make payment for the issuance of your police clearance certificate

  • There are three payment methods: online transfer, direct payment at the office, or money transfer through postal service
  • If you choose money transfer via postal service, remember to send the receipt to the authority

4. Receive an appointment letter to collect the police clearance certificate

  • You will receive an appointment letter once you have completed the application in person
  • If you complete the application by mail, the appointment letter will then be sent to you via email

5. Collect or receive the police clearance certificate

  • You can collect the certificate at the same office according to the appointment letter once your application is approved
  • If your application is done by mail, the certificate will be sent to you by post

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