FAQ: Everything to Know about Representative Office License in Vietnam

A foreign company planning to expand to Vietnam can benefit by setting up a representative office. Learn about its license here.

A foreign company planning to expand its business in Vietnam can benefit substantially by setting up a representative office.

For example, no capital is required and you are allowed to open a bank account in the country. Furthermore, you can hire both local and foreign employees and handle sales and delivery under your parent company.

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An important thing about a representative office in Vietnam is its license. Below are the most commonly asked questions regarding representative offices and their required license in Vietnam.

1. What is a representative office license in Vietnam?

A representative office license in Vietnam is a document granted for foreign investors to set up a legal office known as a representative office in the country.

The representative office license is required to be renewed once every two years or five years.

2. Can I extend the license?

The extension of a representative office license is possible when you apply for it.

The extension submission shall include a complete application form along with a copy of the certificate of business registration, a copy of the audited financial statement, a copy of the existing representative office, and other relevant documents.

3. What is the procedure to extend a representative office license in Vietnam?

Below is the procedure to establish a representative office in Vietnam:

  • Apply for the extension of the representative office license at least 30 days before the expiration of the existing license.
  • Submit the extension application to the nearest licensing agency where the representative is located online or by mail.
  • The licensing agency will verify the validity and completeness of the application within 3 business days upon the receipt of the application. The agency shall request the application for supplementary documents if the application is found incomplete.
  • Once the application is approved, the applicant shall receive the extension license from the licensing agency within 5 business days. If the application is rejected, the applicant will receive a written notice where the reasons for rejection are stated.

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4. Can I amend the license?

Yes, you can amend a representative office license when one of the following circumstances occur:

  • Change of foreign business address
  • Change of foreign trader’s name
  • Change of the chief of the representative office
  • Change of representative office’s name
  • Change of representative office address

You should also prepare a dossier set for the amendment based on the nature of the change. All documents must be legally certified and translated into Vietnamese:

  • Change of business name or address: certified proof of a change of foreign business address or name
  • Change of representative office chief: proof of appointment of foreign new representative office chief; a copy of passport or identity card; proof of fulfillment of tax obligations by the former representative office chief
  • Change of location: a copy of lease agreement or proof of the right of use of the location for representative office; and documents related to the proposed new location of the representative office

5. What if I want to move to another location? Is license regranting available?

You are allowed to move your representative office in Vietnam to another location with a regrant of representative office license.

However, the location switch is restricted to the following cases only:

  • The representative office relocates to another territory or province in Vietnam that is within another management board’s administration
  • The representative office license is damaged, lost, or destroyed

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