Setting up an English Language Center in Vietnam: A Quick Guide

With the rising demand of English skills, setting up an English language center would be a profitable option if you want to start a business in Vietnam.

A great number of people, particularly foreigners, are setting up their own English language centers in Vietnam. It is not hard to see why — there are more and more Vietnamese aspire to learn and master English, making English language centers a huge business when it comes to starting a venture in Vietnam.

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The majority of Vietnamese who want to learn English belong to the following categories:

  1. Vietnamese who want to further their studies overseas.
  2. Vietnamese who are already working want to excel in English to increase their employment opportunities or improve their business.
  3. Vietnamese who need to sit for international English exams such as IELTS and TOEFL.
  4. Non-English speaking foreigners who are currently residing in Vietnam, and require using English as a medium at school to complete their assignments and to communicate.

Setting up an English language center in Vietnam does not have to be a complex process. Moreover, you do not need a huge amount of money to do so. If you have passion in the education sector, are willing to do some research and seek professional advice from consultants, you can definitely maximise your business success.

This article covers essential things you need to know to establish a successful and profitable English tutoring business.

Regulations in Education Sector in Vietnam

In accordance with Decree No.73/2012/ND-CP regarding the foreign cooperation and investment in education, foreigners are allowed to start a 100% foreign-owned education business in Vietnam with specific conditions.

Required Foreign Capital Investments

  • University: US$4.3 million (VND100 billion)
  • Vocational School: US$13.1 million (VND300 billion)
  • Other education institutions: US$1,000 (VND23 million) per student

Teaching Personnel

  • All teaching staff is required to have college degrees and other relevant professional certificates
  • A minimum of 5 years’ teaching experience for foreigners
  • Maximum student to teacher ratio: 25 students to 1 teacher
  • Foreign teachers’ accreditations must be acknowledged by the Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam

Facilities of the Institution

  • Minimum teaching area: 2.5m2/student
  • Appropriate furniture, light setting and teaching equipment
  • Essential facilities and equipment for teaching and managing
  • Must have offices for teachers and Board of directors, libraries and other necessary functional rooms

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Open English Language Center in Vietnam: Required Licenses

A special education license is required for foreigners to operate an English language center in Vietnam. With the license granted by the local authority, foreigners are permitted to perform the following activities:

  • Run foreign language programs
  • Run other foreign language programs depending on the students’ needs

In order for foreigners to acquire the license and operate English language centers in Vietnam, you have to meet the following conditions:

  • In compliance with approved educational institution network and socio-economic development plans
  • Teachers and technicians’ professional qualifications must be in compliance with Vietnam Law
  • The language center must have an establishment scheme encompassing scopes, objectives training programs, land, facilities and equipment, location, financial projection, organisational structure, and development strategy
  • The language center has to have adequate rooms for teachers, employees, and students
  • It is compulsory that the centre is equipped with teaching and learning materials, textbooks, teaching equipment, laboratories, libraries, workshops, technology and science activities, and other training facilities

Starting a Business in Vietnam with Cekindo

Cekindo’s competent experts and professionals will guide you through the well-defined process of forming an English language center in Vietnam to help you get your business started as quick as possible. Starting a business in Vietnam will be one of the most pleasant business experiences.

In addition to that, our consultants provide strategic solutions to improve your business performance further after your language center is incorporated. For any questions or if you are ready to work with us, contact us at anytime by filling in the form below.

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