Top Venture Capital Firms in Vietnam Backing Exciting New Startups

Vietnam has recently attracted a large number of venture capital in the country and created a highly favorable ecosystem for startups.

From industries ranging from transport and AI to fintech, Vietnam has witnessed a huge wave of new startups that have been established in recent years. As a result, it has attracted a large number of venture capitalists in the country and created a highly favorable ecosystem for startups. This has further perpetually boosted the economy to be one of the youngest and world’s fastest-growing, overtaking Thailand.

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New entrepreneurs in Vietnam with a lack of experience aren’t always sure what they’re looking for. Hence, VCs help these startups by providing mentorship and financial support. To access the right VC firm, it is imperative to conduct due diligence. In this article, we will cite some of the top VC firms in Vietnam and their contributions to the country’s growing economy. 

Top 5 Venture Capitalist Firms in Vietnam

1. 500 Startups Vietnam

500 Startups Vietnam invests in networking companies from industries such as FinTech, SMB Productivity, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, AgTech, EdTech and Family, eCommerce, AdTech, etc. Though, 500 Startups Vietnam invests in nearly any technology firm if it holds the potential to earn a fair return on its investment.

This investment firm generally looks for a small cross-functional team that combines technical expertise, creative talent, marketing know-how, or at least two out of the three criteria. It has a significant preference towards startups whose goods have been released and validated for use (beyond just friends and family).

2. Dragon Capital 

Starting with USD 16m and eight personnel in 1994, Dragon Capital is now Vietnam’s most veteran independent asset manager for the use of listed equities, clean-tech, fixed incomes, and properties, for international pension funds and sovereign wealth funds and endowments.

With a current value of USD 2.9bn, Dragon Capital has been delivering consistently on behalf of its investors, partners, and stakeholders for over two decades. The group uses its unique experience and capacity to collaborate with local firms that actively manage and advise investments and/or financial services.

The first domestic asset management firm in Vietnam was founded by Dragon Capital. Moreover, the Ho Chi Minh City Securities Company was set up by Dragon Capital with a 30% interest in the joint venture government of the HCMC. In the 2014 Wealth Briefing Asia Awards, the company was named Fund Manager of the Year.

3. VinaCapital Ventures

VinaCapital Ventures is a USD 100 million Vietnam-based venture capital platform, established by VinaCapital Group that focuses on investment, development, and incorporation in a comprehensive digital ecosystem of world-class technology firms.

They empower entrepreneurs with great ideas and help them to develop enterprises that leave a major impact on people’s lives in and beyond Vietnam.

VCV allies with startups to encourage them with capital, and access to its vast business network, mentorship from years of its experience in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

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4. Mekong Capital 

Mekong Capital is a private equity company based in Vietnam and has been operational since 2001. It is one of the first Vietnamese private equity companies to make 32 private equity investments in the country through 4 funds with over 30 workers full-time. The capital of Mekong has its headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City.

Mekong Capital focused on manufacturing firms until 2005, then shifted its focus on consumer-driven enterprises. It is a private equity company that has invested considerable money in developing the corporate cultures of its portfolio companies.

5. Zone Startups Ventures  

Zone Startups Ventures is a VC firm that invests in established startups. It is mostly a seed-stage fund that can invest in Series A and subsequent investment rounds. It searches for businesses with established track records and products with highly scalable technological solutions and a validated source of income.

Zone Startups Ventures invests in enterprises from every sector. It examines the proven accomplishments of a team and its ability to scale.

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