What Foreign Investors Need to Know About Vietnam’s Investor Visa Applications in 2021 & 2022

Investor Visa Applications to Vietnam are now open, read about the latest regulations regarding visa & quarantine rules. Q4 2021 update.

As Vietnam’s economy is looking to rebound after bringing the pandemic under control, there have been several updates in official precautionary measures regarding investor visas. Moreover, the government is giving priority to investors that plan to invest with high capital, especially in the fourth quarter of 2021. However, there is no minimum capital requirement in place for an investor to enter and invest in Vietnam.

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Foreign Investors have quite a few options at their disposal when it comes to entering Vietnam. Besides Business Visas, the country is now allowing Investment Visas, however, with some restrictions. For example, vaccinated foreigners entering the country must go under quarantine for a 7-day period. Their health is to be monitored for another 7 days after they resume their activity. 

In this article, we’ll go over the various aspects of the investor visa and what it means for foreign investors looking to enter Vietnam at this time.

Minimum Capital Requirements for Foreigners with Investor Visa

In order to get an investor visa, there is no minimum capital requirement for a foreign investor. However, the immigration officer can put a visa application under review to check the investment capital. If the investment capital is considerably low (inadequate to cover basic business expenses in the first year), the application is subject to rejection.

If the investment capital exceeds VND 3 billion, the investor will be given a 3-year visa or will be required to file for a 3-year TRC (Temporary Residence Card)

Entities Foreign Investors are Allowed to Incorporate in 2021 & 2022

Foreign investors can establish companies in the business sector which Vietnam has committed to allowing for foreign investors to establish their commercial presence in Vietnam. 

Market Sectors for Foreign Direct Investments

Foreign investors have the same market access as domestic investors, with no restrictions as the origin country of the investor, except for the business lines listed on the Negative List for Market Access (Prohibited for Market Access & Restricted for Market Access) or in the Prohibit Business Activities lists hereof.

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Restrictions For Individual Investors and Group Investors

Restrictions shall depend on the business lines/sector the investor plans to invest in. Following are some of the restrictions for foreign investors: 

  • Corporate investors will be limited to 35% of accounting/auditing services, while individual investors can go up to 49%. 
  • Only a foreign credit institution or a corporate investor can start a financial institution in Vietnam.
  • Non-life insurance firms can only open branches in the country if they are owned by foreign insurance companies.

Validity of Investor Visa

If the investment value exceeds VND 3 billion, the investor is granted the investor visa with a maximum of 3 years of validity. 

Under the same circumstance, the investor is qualified to apply for a TRC (Temporary Residence Card) with a maximum of 3 years of validity.

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