Vietnam’s 2022 Tax Deadlines, Every Foreign Company Should Know Of

The latest tax deadlines in Vietnam for the year 2022. This is particularly useful for foreign companies operating in Vietnam.

Tax Filing and Compliance Deadlines in Vietnam

If you are a foreign company operating in Vietnam, getting to know the tax deadlines is essential for your firm’s smooth operations in the country. Below you have Cekindo’s custom Vietnam 2022 tax deadline calendar for your free usage. There are two types of taxes that you should be aware of PIT (Personal Income Tax) and CIT (Corporate Income Tax). The Corporate income tax rate is 20% for foreign companies operating in Vietnam. The personal Tax Rate is calculated based on your income (table below):

Monthly PIT payable (Million VND)Tax rate (%)Calculated sum of PIT (Million VND)
OverNot Over
0550 + 5% Monthly PIT payable
510100,25 + 10%* 5
1018150,75 + 15%* 10
1832201,95 + 10%* 18
3252254.75 + 25%* 32
5280309.75 + 30%* 52
80Above3518,15 + 35%* 80
Vietnam PIT calculation

In general, a company in Vietnam has to submit their tax report and tax payment monthly/quarterly and annually. Depending on the revenue of the company, a monthly report or quarterly report would be applied. Besides, a FDI company in Vietnam also has to submit an independent audit. This Vietnam tax compliance calendar was created to help you avoid any unwanted penalties and keep your operation smooth. 

Monthly Tax Payment and Report in Vietnam

On the 20th of each month:
VAT declaration (Value-added tax) of the previous month
PIT declaration (Personal-income-tax) of the previous month
Tax payment: PIT and VAT of previous month

Quarterly Tax Payment and Report in Vietnam

On the 30th of the starting month in each quarter:
Tax payment for CIT (corporate-income-tax) calculates net income of a corporation for the previous quarter
Invoice reports

Annual Tax Payment and Report in Vietnam

On the last day of March of each year:
Business License fee: submit one in a year (30th Jan)PIT finalization of the previous year (if any)
CIT finalization of the previous year (mandatory)
Tax payment: PIT and CIT finalization of the previous year (if any)
Financial Statement of the previous year (mandatory)
Audit report (for FDI company)


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