A Handy Guide to Vietnam Visa for Citizens of Pakistan

Pakistani citizens who want to enter Vietnam must get a visa. Here’s a handy guide to Vietnam visa available, prepared by our visa specialists.

It may be daunting for having the thought of going through the visa process in Vietnam as a foreigner, in this case, a Pakistani. Especially when you’re new to the country and have absolutely no idea how to get the Vietnam visa for Pakistani. But thankfully Cekindo has come up with the below guide to make your Vietnam visa application process easier.

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In this guide, you will get extensive information that includes the available Vietnam visa options, application requirements and how you can apply.

Available Options of Vietnam Visa for Pakistani

If you are a Pakistani citizen, a Vietnam visa is required for you to travel to the country. Pakistan is not on the list of countries eligible for Vietnam Visa exemption.

There are three available options of Vietnam visa for Pakistani:

1. Tourist Visa or Visa-on-Arrival

A tourist visa allows citizens of Pakistan to stay in Vietnam for a maximum period of one month.

2. Business Visa (DN Visa)

A business visa has a validity of one, three, six months or twelve months.

3. Transit Visa

A transit visa only allows you to stay in Vietnam for a maximum of five days. Before the visa expires, you will have to travel to a third country.

Requirements of Vietnam Visa for Pakistani

Below we detail the general requirements you need to fulfill to apply for a Vietnam visa, especially a DN visa as a Pakistani citizen:

  • You need to have at least six months of validity on your passport
  • There must have at least two blank pages on your passport for visa stamp
  • You have to be able to show your approval letter/invitation letter/sponsorship letter from a registered Vietnamese company or a Vietnamese partner
  • Please keep in mind that the online visa application is only valid for visa-on-arrival or tourist visa, but not applicable for a business visa.

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How to Apply for a Visa to Vietnam:

There are two ways you can apply for your Vietnam visa:

1. Apply for VoA online with the Vietnamese Immigration Department

Applying for a VoA online is the easiest and most convenient way for you to get a Vietnam visa for Pakistani.

  • Get in touch with Cekindo
  • Submit your details such as name, the purpose of visit, occupation, and others
  • You will receive an approval letter once the information is processed
  • Collect your approval letter from Cekindo or we will mail it to you

2. Apply for Vietnam Visa at the Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in Your Country of Origin

You can visit the Vietnam Embassy in your home country, Pakistan, in person. Then you will be guided all through the way on how you can apply.

You will have to at least visit the embassy in person twice: the first time to submit the required documents and the second time to collect your Vietnam visa.

Consult with Cekindo Prior to Your Visa Application

Cekindo is your one-stop visa application service company in Vietnam to ease the application process for you. With our expertise and network in immigration in Vietnam and across the world, we can have your Vietnam visa completed within as efficiently as possible.

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