Vietnam Visa Types: Which One do You Need?

Posted 25.04. 2019 by Cekindo / Last update on 19.11. 2019

Vietnam has now become more attractive for both tourists and foreign investors more than ever. As the trade tensions and trade war effects from China continue, many big companies are now seeking alternatives in Vietnam and thus bringing more foreign direct investments into the country. This does not only create more jobs and business opportunities in the market, but it also leads to stable currency, growing equity market, contained inflation and overall strong economic growth.

The reasons are simple for this transformation of Vietnam. Vietnam is one of the most potential countries in ASEAN with strong foundations. These include the growing population with young demographics and relatively low labor costs, booming middle-class with greater wealth, increasing government supports on dissolving red tapes, stable political environment, strategic locations and several trade agreements over the years.

On top of that, the boom of tourism brought by its stunning landscape and favourable climate play the critical factors to make Vietnam an even more attractive destination.

However, as a foreigner, before you can tap into this profitable market and start a business in Vietnam, or just want to visit this beautiful country, you need to know what type of visa you need to proceed with the right visa application in Vietnam.

In this article, we will take a look at the major types of visa and help you figure out which one you need.

Types of Visa in Vietnam

There are many visa types in Vietnam when the new regulations came into effect in 2015. The main visa types, and also the popular ones, you will have to know include the following:

  • Tourist visa
  • Student visa or internship visa
  • Business visa
  • Work Permit

Tourist Visa

As the name implies, this type of visa is suitable for tourists and short-term visitors in Vietnam. The validity of a single-entry tourist visa in Vietnam is one month and is extendable for another one month. Alternatively, a 3-month single-entry tourist visa and a multiple-entry tourist visa (with validity ranging from 1 to 3 months) are also available.

Student Visa or Internship Visa

If you are enrolled in a university in Vietnam, it will be relatively easier for you to obtain a student visa or an internship visa. You can also enter Vietnam on a tourist visa and then apply for a student visa once you have applied for a course and are accepted for admission. Consultation and assistance from a reliable visa specialist is highly recommended.

Business visa

A business visa allows foreign workers to stay in Vietnam for a short period of time, provided that they can show an invitation letter from a business partner based in Vietnam. The visa has a maximum validity of 12 months but it is usually issued from 1 month to 6 months. There are two types of business visa: single-entry business visa and multiple-entry business visa.

As mentioned, it is mandatory for foreigners to obtain an invitation letter as a proof of your sponsorship by a local business partner in Vietnam. Cekindo is able to provide you with such invitation letter for your business visa application.

Work Permit

A work permit in Vietnam makes working in the country possible for foreign workers. With a work permit, a foreigner can conduct business activities that generate revenues or be employed by a company in Vietnam for a salary. A work permit has a validity of 12 months and can only be renewed once.

There are some restrictions that companies in Vietnam must pay close attention if they want to hire foreign employees.

Companies must be able to prove that their future employees possess the following:

  • Relevant work experience required for the position
  • Higher education
  • Qualifications and expertise in the sector of employment

Visa Application in Vietnam with Cekindo

We hope that the above guide provides you with some interesting and useful insights into the type of visa you need to enter Vietnam. Do keep in mind that if you are not familiar enough with Vietnam’s immigration rules and regulations, the visa application process in Vietnam may become more complicated.

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