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Tax Reporting and Compliance

Our multilingual accounting and finance professionals provide transparent consultation with the most updated local regulation requirements and deliver all compliance activities for local and foreign enterprises entering Vietnam. With over a decade of experience, Cekindo understands that outsourcing can be a costly and a risky practice. We endeavor to customise our delivery models to match with your business’s timeline, operational budget, and management scheme.

Corporate Tax Reporting and Compliance

When doing business in Vietnam, it is important to comply with local accounting legislation and standards. On-time tax reporting to tax office is also required by the government in Vietnam. Our tax consulting specialists ensure timely tax reporting and tax compliance for your business. You do not have to worry or stress over them anymore.


Develop, streamline and maintain your daily accounting operations through outsourcing. Our accounting experts work together to meet your needs. Benefits you can enjoy include minimalizing costs and risks, reducing administrative burdens and improving business performance.

Payroll Outsourcing

Meet the requirements of Vietnam’s tax and labor law and manage the needs of management and your company’s finance function by outsouring your payroll. Our customized payroll services are designed to provide fleixibility that can satisfy your business needs.


Companies selling goods and services are required to start using e-invoices as regulated in decree No.119/2018/ND-CP. Start e-invoicing with Cekindo to enjoy on-time documents delivery, minimize operational costs and reduce administrative burdens.

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