Payroll and HR Outsourcing Services in Ho Chi Minh City

To ensure your business operations run seamlessly in Vietnam, one must stay on top of payroll and HR compliances. However, complying with the country’s changing laws with in-house payroll and HR departments may add costs, time, and stress to management. And still, that doesn’t always ensure flawless compliance. Many multinational firms outsource their payroll and … Continued

Reduce Errors & Overhead Costs with payroll & HR Outsourcing in Vietnam

ensure error-free payroll and comprehensive HR services. As a developing country with the usual pains of growth, Vietnam has a higher than average turnover rate and constantly changing rules and regulations in terms of corporate and foreign taxes

Guide to Corporate Secretarial & Compliance Services in Vietnam

Corporate secretarial includes minute preparation, company resolutions, local compliance updates, meeting report deadlines, and all other administrative operations that support business charter duties and local regulations.

Top Market Research Firms in Vietnam to Help With Market Entry

Market research is the process of obtaining, evaluating, and interpreting data to assist businesses in making informed decisions. This step is critical while building your strategic plan for a successful market entry into Vietnam. It can help you assess your target market’s needs for your product or services, your audience’s needs and aids in determining … Continued

Government Relief To Assist With Covid-19 Pandemic and Lockdown

The covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across the globe and has left economies in shambles. While nations across the globe grapple with the aftermath of the pandemic, Vietnam’s government has come up with incentives and relief measures to assist employers and employees through the pandemic and the lockdown. Many of these measures are applicable for … Continued

A Guide to Recruiting Interns In Vietnam

Internship programs in Vietnam provide the groundwork for finding the right employee for the desired position in a company. In Vietnam, there can be a plethora of interns to choose from, as the young population here is often multi-lingual and multi-skilled, with a great reserve of young IT professionals.  Moreover, owing to the country’s strategic … Continued

Update: Hire and Pay an Employee with HR Outsourcing in 2021

Having concise information on how to hire and pay your employees is crucial to ensure the success of your company. This article will take you through the essentials of hiring an employee in Vietnam and the specifics of paying them. Requirements to Start Hiring Labor In recent years, the number of foreign employees arriving in … Continued