Foreign Contractor Withholding Tax in Vietnam – What You Need to Know

In summary, the foreign contractor withholding tax occurs in Vietnam when a foreign company offers a paid service to any company in Vietnam. The Foreign Contractor Withholding Tax (also known as FCWT) was included in the Circular No. 103/2014/TT-BTC.

Vietnam passes a VAT reduction as Tax relief for 2022 due to COVID-19

The standard Vietnam VAT rate is 10%, however, as a result of the economic hardships brought on by the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, on January 11, 2022,The National Assembly approved a Resolution on fiscal and monetary policies to support the Socio-Economic Development and Recovery Program, which will be in force until December 31, 2023. In … Continued

How to Engage & Motivate your local Employees as a Foreigner Manager/Owner in Vietnam

This is an opinion piece, written by Employee & Customer Experience Management Professional Carsten Ley from Asia PMO. With FDI flowing into Vietnam at unprecedented rates and the internationalization of the economy on the back of some of the biggest free trade agreements signed in SEA recently, it’s time to examine common issues faced by … Continued

What every Foreign Company needs to know about the annual FDI Audit in Vietnam

This simple FDI audit is required of every foreign company doing business in Vietnam. The audit is due on March 31st of the calendar year. This is based on a new investment law introduced in 2021,  Law 61/2020/QH14 on Investment, Decree 31/2021/NĐ-CP, the investment law and the guideline for implementation Decree took effect on the 1st … Continued

Tax Advisor in Vietnam: What You Need to Know Before Outsourcing

In a developing economy like Vietnam, it is challenging to get a hold of tax regulations, especially when they are revised frequently, which is to be anticipated given the country’s rapid economic growth.
With a thorough understanding of Vietnam’s regulatory tax landscape, Cekindo’s team of specialists provides the following range of tax advisory services.

Payroll and HR Outsourcing Services in Ho Chi Minh City

To ensure your business operations run seamlessly in Vietnam, one must stay on top of payroll and HR compliances. However, complying with the country’s changing laws with in-house payroll and HR departments may add costs, time, and stress to management. And still, that doesn’t always ensure flawless compliance. Many multinational firms outsource their payroll and … Continued