Exemptions and Reductions for Personal Income Tax in Vietnam

Vietnam has always managed to attract foreign investors because of its great geological location and it’s dynamic young workforce. That is why attracting foreign investors has been of key importance in Vietnam’s External Affairs Policy. It is one of the main reasons why Vietnam has various easier Tax and Compliance Laws to create a seamless … Continued

Accounting and Bookkeeping: Key things to note for Foreign Owned Companies

Compliance in accounting and bookkeeping is essential when doing business in Vietnam. This is why companies, especially foreign establishments, must start prioritizing their accounting and bookkeeping compliance and corporate tax functions. This includes meeting federal tax deadlines, complying with new tax laws that affect foreign-owned companies and more. Find out How Cekindo Can Help you … Continued

Outsourcing Bookkeeping in Vietnam: A Smart Business Decision

Accounting has always been part of running a business. Yet, there’s simply not enough time & resourcing for most business owners to manage their accounting matters. Especially for bookkeeping, despite its monotonous and tedious nature, it is still a critical function for business growth. However, you can outsource bookkeeping in Vietnam to deal with this … Continued

It’s All About Priorities: Must-Outsource Accounting Services in Vietnam

Compared to other types of outsourcing services in Vietnam, accounting services are among the most important aspects of businesses. In these uncertain times, outsourcing can help you reduce overhead costs significantly as well as being able to free up other resourcing so you can spend time developing your business. It is also related to the … Continued

What are the Penalties for Violating Financial & Accounting Regulations in Vietnam?

Violating financial and accounting regulations in Vietnam is one of the most expensive liabilities that businesses encounter. Yet, so many companies in Vietnam still wait until something goes wrong before they implement the necessary accounting strategies to prevent it. Cekindo will elaborate on the penalties of the violations and let you know why accounting outsourcing … Continued

Outsourcing Your Accounting in Vietnam: The Pros and Cons

As business owners all over the world continue to run their businesses on leaner budgets, many organisations in Vietnam have also found that outsourcing accounting is a great way to increase the quality and keep the costs down. A survey conducted by KPMG found that 40% of entrepreneurs and companies globally are currently using accounting … Continued

Bookkeeping and Accounting in Vietnam: Things You Need to Know

For most foreign investors doing business in Vietnam, taxes and money issues are the most important things that they will have to be extremely careful about. Therefore, one of the vital elements for your business to succeed is to get yourself familiar with the accounting standards as well as bookkeeping regulations in Vietnam. Find Out … Continued

Why is Outsourcing Accounting Important for Business in Vietnam?

Accounting tasks hold a vital position within a business, thus it needs to be held sufficiently in order to sustain the company. Handling accounting services can be a challenging task because there are so many things to consider, such as managing payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable. Therefore, the perfect solution to focus on the … Continued

Annual Tax Return in Vietnam in 2019

We are now entering tax filing season for 2018. If you are still confused and wonder how to go about this time-consuming task, you are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of individuals and companies feel the same as you do, and annual tax return in Vietnam becomes a nightmare of many entrepreneurs. Find Out About … Continued

How to Comply with Mandatory E-Invoices in Vietnam

In an effort to create an attractive business environment for foreign investors and reduce the complexity of Vietnam’s policy of digitalization, the Vietnamese government took a huge step towards becoming one of the most prominent and emerging global business hubs. One of these policies is by making some accounting features digitalized for ease of processing … Continued