What to Know About Outsourcing your HR Processes in Vietnam

able to hire & keep skilled workers. Hence, human resources (HR) professionals in Vietnam have a critical role in developing any business as they possess comprehensive knowledge and experience in dealing with the constantly changing Vietnamese regulations.

Vietnam’s Minimum Wage to see 6% Increase from July 2022

In order to combat rising inflation rates as well as consequences of the Russia-Ukraine war such as supercharged gas prices, the Vietnamese government has issued Decree 38/2022/ND-CP for statutory minimum wage adjustments.  The Prime Minister, working alongside the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, has just announced this change during a dialogue program … Continued

Update: Hire and Pay an Employee with HR Outsourcing in 2022

Having concise information on how to hire and pay your employees is crucial to ensure the success of your company. This article will take you through the essentials of hiring an employee in Vietnam and the specifics of paying them. Requirements to Start Hiring Labor In recent years, the number of foreign employees arriving in … Continued

Vietnamese government provides financial rental support for employees

The Vietnamese government has enacted a Decision No. 08/2022/DQ-TTg on “Implementing rent support policies for employees” to support members of the workforce that are living in rented properties. This is a part of the fiscal and monetary policy that was introduced on Jan 2022. Are you a foreigner doing business in Vietnam? Our business setup … Continued

Payroll and HR Outsourcing in Vietnam

Vietnam provides foreign businesses with a young, well-educated workforce. Employers must gain a thorough understanding of human resource management. Many companies primarily rely on HR outsourcing entities, particularly for advice related to recruitment, training, and payroll. Many multinationals report that they would like to outsource more of their operational HR practices to a regional shared … Continued