How to Engage & Motivate your local Employees as a Foreigner Manager/Owner in Vietnam

This is an opinion piece, written by Employee & Customer Experience Management Professional Carsten Ley from Asia PMO. With FDI flowing into Vietnam at unprecedented rates and the internationalization of the economy on the back of some of the biggest free trade agreements signed in SEA recently, it’s time to examine common issues faced by … Continued

A Guide to Recruiting Interns In Vietnam

Internship programs in Vietnam provide the groundwork for finding the right employee for the desired position in a company. In Vietnam, there can be a plethora of interns to choose from, as the young population here is often multi-lingual and multi-skilled, with a great reserve of young IT professionals.  Moreover, owing to the country’s strategic … Continued

Remote Work vs Distributed Workforce: What is the best for your business in Vietnam?

Why & How Foreign Companies should Recruit in Vietnam Technological transformations and globalisation are setting new benchmarks for working professionals to adapt, embrace new skills and ensure a growing focus on learning, making it imperative for individuals to enhance their skills and knowledge. With over 55 million workforce, Vietnam is host to a young and … Continued

How to Obtain an HR License in Vietnam

The Human Resources agencies are responsible for providing competent employees to local and international firms. That is why it is monitored with strict rules and regulations in Vietnam. The government does have strict rules and regulations for foreign investors to establish Recruitment Services Company in Vietnam. The HR Companies are divided into two branches: 1. … Continued

How a Professional Employer Organization in Vietnam can Help Your Business

Running a business in Vietnam can be expensive, primarily when operating a small or medium company. Therefore, more and more enterprises in Vietnam have outsourced their human resource, payroll, and other administrative tasks to a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or employer of record in Vietnam. Find Out How Cekindo Can Help With Your Recruitment Needs … Continued

Tips for Hiring a Software Developer in Vietnam

Currently, there is a strong demand for Information Technology (IT) professionals in Vietnam due to its flourishing digital and IT landscape. In 2019, companies in Vietnam required approximately 63,000 IT positions to be filled, especially in areas such as data science, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and big data. This great number of demand grew 56% than … Continued

Did You Know that a PEO in Vietnam Offers These 5 Important Services?

A Professional Employer Organisation, or a PEO, in Vietnam, offers you a lot of benefits especially when your company is growing and expanding. In addition to employing workers for different companies and handling payroll & HR Outsourcing, a PEO has a lot more to offer. See About Cekindo’s Recruitment Services in Vietnam What we are … Continued

Hiring IT Staff in Vietnam? Employee Benefits You Should Know

Between 2010 and 2020, the need for IT experts in Vietnam nearly quadrupled in IT sectors like technical support, software development, user experience, and interface, project and product management, data science, and quality assurance and quality control. As the need for IT experts rises, the competition gets tough…not just for employees, but for employers as … Continued

Benefits Offered by a PEO for Your Business in Vietnam

PEO is known as Professional Employer Organisation. Vietnam PEO partners with small and medium-sized companies in the country, assisting these companies with their co-employment services. In general, PEO helps companies handle employment contracts and streamline the employment and HR administration process. Find Out How Cekindo Can Help With Recruitment For Your Company in Vietnam With … Continued

Must You Invest in Recruitment Technology when Doing Business in Vietnam?

For small enterprises and large organisations alike, quality human resources are an imperative business success. Therefore, at some point in the entrepreneurial journey, business owners will consider building their internal HR team or hire a third-party professional to deal with their recruitment and HR processes in Vietnam. Read More About Cekindo’s Business Process Outsourcing Services … Continued

How Employee Turnover Rate Reduction is Made Possible with HR Outsourcing in Vietnam

HR outsourcing in Vietnam isn’t exactly a new idea in Vietnam’s dynamic business environment. HR outsourcing means having an external, third-party vendor to provide company HR services that usually perform internally in the company. For many years, companies in Vietnam have contracted with HR outsourcing suppliers to perform a myriad of HR functions. Read About … Continued