7 Reasons to Choose Vietnam to Start a Business: Southeast Asia’s Future Business Hub

From technically specialized manufacturing to innovative software development, Vietnam has everything to offer to international entrepreneurs. With over 137,000 businesses registered and over 56,000 businesses re-opened between January and November 2022 (a 30-40% increase over 2021), the country’s prospects are evidently promising. Here are seven reasons to start a business in Vietnam. 1. A Tech … Continued

Business Expansion to Vietnam: Key Steps to be Aware of

Vietnam has risen to become a top location for foreign investors and business development outside of Asia in addition to being recognized as one of the region’s fastest-emerging economies. The amount of foreign direct investment entering Vietnam increased by 13.5% from the previous year in 2022, the highest level in the previous five years. In … Continued

Low Average Salary Makes Vietnam One of the Most Affordable Countries for Doing Business

Known for its resilient economic performance, growing working population and low manufacturing costs, Vietnam is emerging as a key source of inexpensive labor for businesses expanding and/or setting up in Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific. In fact, at around USD 200 a month, the country’s minimum wage is almost half of China’s. However, for international businesses, … Continued

Your Easy Guide to Investment Registration Certificate (IRC) in Vietnam

With Vietnam’s fast-growing economy and its integration into the global supply chain, foreign investors are progressively investing in this alluring country to pursue more profits. The multiplying investments also mean the increasing number of company incorporation in Vietnam, especially over the past decade. In Vietnam, it is possible to establish a company with 100% foreign … Continued

Here’s why Vietnam has Some of the World’s Lowest Operating Costs

As the worldwide economic output pivots towards Asia, Vietnam is in the process of becoming the new “World’s factory” and center for the tech industry. Political stability, economic reforms, and continued economic growth are factors, however, the low cost of operating is one of the most attractive selling points attracting foreign investors to this dynamic young economy.

Business Incorporation in Hanoi: Opportunities, Requirements, How-To

Hanoi is Vietnam’s vibrant Capital city, strategically located on the banks of the red river and very close to Asean’s most important trading ally, China. Most ASEAN capital cities are reachable within a 3-hour flight, making cooperation and trade easily manageable. Furthermore, Hanoi is the focus of the government infrastructure upgrades, including building new metros … Continued

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City: Potential in Vietnam’s Future Sustainable Cities

Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) and Hanoi, which generate a combined 40% of Vietnam’s GDP, are both set to become sustainable cities. As part of the Vietnamese government’s plan to make them the first two smart cities in the country, multibillion-dollar projects are underway. Investing in Vietnam? See Cekindo’s Business Setup Services for Foreign Investors … Continued

Here are 9 Reasons to Choose Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) to Launch Your Startup

Vietnam has transformed itself from one of the least developed regions in the world into one of Southeast Asia’s most prosperous economies over the past three decades. Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), a fast-growing, young, and vibrant city in southern Vietnam, wholly represents the country’s dynamic business landscape. Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), a real estate … Continued

Opportunities in Danang’s 6 Industrial Parks, 3 More In Works

Vietnam’s economy has flourished over the past decade, thanks to its friendly-investment policies, cheap labor, and low operating expenses. As a result, foreign investors are inclined towards shifting their manufacturing to Vietnam, instead of China. To cater to the infrastructural demand of investors, the government has established 6 industrial parks in Danang’s vicinity and plans … Continued

How Vietnam’s Eco-Industrial Parks (EIPs) can Entice Foreign Investors

According to VietnamPlus, between 2010 and 2020, the industrial sector accounted for 30% of Vietnam’s GDP, higher than any other national economic sector. In addition to constituting the largest portion of exports, the industry sector has helped Vietnam move from 50th place in 2010 to 22nd place among the world’s largest exporters in 2019. By … Continued

Vietnam’s Industrial Zones Ready to See Significant FDI Inflow

The Vietnamese Ministry of Finance issued Circular No. 43/2019/TT-BTC which came into effect on August 26, 2019, with provisions to incentivize investments in the country’s economic or industrial zones. According to the recent circular, various tax incentives are provisioned to enhance standards of living and quality of life in the industrial zones.

Bac Ninh is Vietnam’s Top Destination for Hi-Tech Manufacturing

Located in Vietnam’s Northern Key Economic Zone (NKEZ), the province and city of Bac Ninh present outstanding prospects for business setup and development. The province only stretches 82.6 square kilometers of land, making it the smallest in Vietnam. However, it is now known to be an FDI (foreign direct investment) hotspot.  Bac Ninh’s History as … Continued