How to Start an Education Business in Vietnam

Starting a firm in the education sector in Vietnam is a sure bet. The nation’s education industry has drawn a lot of international investors because of its persistent demand and growth, as well as improving profitability. Statistic estimates that Vietnam spent roughly 249.5 trillion Vietnamese dong on education and training in 2021. Vietnam’s GDP contribution … Continued

Vietnam’s Economy Set for Regional Dominance by 2030 & Beyond

Vietnam’s economy is on track to reach new economic milestones within Southeast Asia by 2030, according to the latest World Bank predictions. The country’s GDP is projected to increase by 5.5% in 2022, up from 2.6% in 2016. As the COVID-19 pandemic is being contained effectively both domestically and abroad, the forecast predicts that Vietnam’s … Continued

Shelf Company in Vietnam: Why Should You Invest in One?

Businesses have to adapt to fast-changing markets and antiquated bureaucracies like that of Vietnam. Setting up a company in Vietnam can involve time-consuming and cumbersome processes normal for any developing nation.  Investors who have no time but need a company immediately can purchase a shelf company, also known as a ready-made company. These are previously … Continued

Shelf Company vs. Registering a Company in Vietnam

According to official World Bank figures, Vietnam’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which accounts for 0.27 percent of the global economy, was valued at 362.64 trillion US dollars in 2021. This rate is approximately 2.1 percent higher than it was in 2011. Due to Vietnam’s political stability and booming economy, foreign businesses have been pouring in … Continued

Buying a Business in Vietnam Made Easy with Shelf Companies: Key Considerations

Foreign investors in Vietnam are often inclined towards giving a quick boost to their business in terms of financing, reputation, and sales. To achieve this, they often consider buying a shelf company. A shelf company is also called an aged or ready-made company because it has been set up in advance and is ready for … Continued

Important Things to Know when Selling a Business in Vietnam 

Selling a business in Vietnam is a prevalent business practice for foreign investors to roll the money into the next profitable venture. However, before selling a business in Vietnam, there are things you must consider. In this article, InCorp Vietnam has listed out some of the important ones. Get in touch with the InCorp Vietnam … Continued

Business Incorporation in Hanoi: Opportunities, Requirements, How-To

Hanoi is Vietnam’s vibrant Capital city, strategically located on the banks of the red river and very close to Asean’s most crucial trading ally, China. Most ASEAN capital cities are reachable within a 3-hour flight, making cooperation and trade easily manageable. Furthermore, Hanoi is the focus of the government infrastructure upgrades, including building new metros … Continued

What do Electronics Manufacturers See in Vietnam’s $116 Billion Industry?

In recent years, Electronics manufacturers all over the world are pivoting towards Vietnam to manufacture their products. For instance, Xiaomi Corp announced that it had started producing smartphones in Vietnam as part of an effort to expand its regional presence. Samsung Electronics’ smartphone manufacturing contributed USD 57.5 billion to the country’s exports in 2021.  Interested … Continued

Trading Guide: How to Export Goods from Australia to Vietnam?

Since initiating its first economic reforms in the 1980s, Vietnam’s economy has quickly. As one of Asia’s most vibrant economies today, Vietnam offers various commercial options, including import and export. This article focuses on Australian business owners that want to import their goods into Vietnam and export them from Australia. Here, we examine the compliance … Continued

Overcoming IT Recruitment Challenges in Southeast Asia: Solutions for Tech Companies

Even though big companies like Huawei are pouring money into Southeast Asia (SEA)’s booming startup scene, finding enough skilled IT workers is still a major challenge. This article explores the ways companies expanding into this market are tackling this issue, from hiring people remotely to making sure they find the perfect fit for each role.  … Continued

Importing to Vietnam: An Overview of Opportunities, Regulations & How-to

With a population of over 99.2 million (2022 updated), Vietnam is undoubtedly a tempting market for foreigners to expand their business, or invest in. However, your focus should be on the coming trends in regard to middle-class growth, which has shown one of the most robust growths in the world. It is expected that Vietnam … Continued