Your Easy Guide to Investment Registration Certificate (IRC) in Vietnam

With Vietnam’s fast-growing economy and its integration into the global supply chain, foreign investors are progressively investing in this alluring country to pursue more profits. The multiplying investments also mean the increasing number of company incorporation in Vietnam, especially over the past decade. In Vietnam, it is possible to establish a company with 100% foreign … Continued

Here’s why Vietnam has Some of the World’s Lowest Operating Costs

As the worldwide economic output pivots towards Asia, Vietnam is in the process of becoming the new “World’s factory” and center for the tech industry. Political stability, economic reforms, and continued economic growth are factors, however, the low cost of operating is one of the most attractive selling points attracting foreign investors to this dynamic young economy.

Here are 9 Reasons to Choose Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) to Launch Your Startup

Vietnam has transformed itself from one of the least developed regions in the world into one of Southeast Asia’s most prosperous economies over the past three decades. Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), a fast-growing, young, and vibrant city in southern Vietnam, wholly represents the country’s dynamic business landscape. Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), a real estate … Continued

How Vietnam’s Eco-Industrial Parks (EIPs) can Entice Foreign Investors

According to VietnamPlus, between 2010 and 2020, the industrial sector accounted for 30% of Vietnam’s GDP, higher than any other national economic sector. In addition to constituting the largest portion of exports, the industry sector has helped Vietnam move from 50th place in 2010 to 22nd place among the world’s largest exporters in 2019. By … Continued

Business Opportunities in Vietnam, a Guide for Investors

With increasingly active trade and commerce deals, the ASEAN regional economy is growing well, despite a worldwide economic slump and a harsh business climate in light of the last two years overshadowed by a crippling global health crisis. ASEAN economies like Vietnam have astonished the global investment ecosystem with their rapid economic development and ability … Continued

FAQs on Company Registration in Vietnam

It’s no secret that doing business in Vietnam, is no easy feat. However, with a strong understanding of the rules of doing business, you can start your company in Vietnam with few hassles, and succeed. The first step in doing business in the country is to incorporate your entity. This is the ultimate list to … Continued

Everything You Need To Know To Set Up a 100% Foreign-owned Company in Vietnam

Vietnam has turned into a utopia for foreign investors, thanks to the government’s extensive assistance and trade agreements, the growing middle-income groups, and evolving consumer attitudes. The country’s promising economic opportunities act as a catalyst for foreigners to form and register businesses in the country. This small Southeast Asian country is one of the few … Continued

Invest in Vietnam for These 6 Compelling Reasons

Vietnam has made rapid development and the country’s economy is expected to overtake many Southeast Asian countries in the coming years. When it comes to investing in Vietnam, from the early 90s up until now, Vietnam has brought in a strong inflow of foreign investments, with the average GDP surpassing 7% growth each year. Read … Continued

How to Set Up a Small Business in Vietnam

Are you an investor seeking to establish your business in an emerging market? The welcoming atmosphere, breathtaking scenery, and low cost of living in Vietnam have long drawn expats worldwide. Many foreign investors chose this place to establish their small businesses mainly because of Vietnam’s geographic proximity, lower wages, skilled labor, increasing trade agreements, and … Continued

Shelf Company vs. Registering a Company in Vietnam

According to official World Bank figures, Vietnam’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which accounts for 0.27 percent of the global economy, was valued at 362.64 trillion US dollars in 2021. This rate is approximately 2.1 percent higher than it was in 2011. Due to Vietnam’s political stability and booming economy, foreign businesses have been pouring in … Continued

Should You Establish an LLC or JSC When Entering Vietnam?

Since the Vietnamese government introduced an overhaul of the investment laws allowing foreign individuals and companies 100% ownership of a company in Vietnam, FDI has been pouring into the country. To understand your incorporation options, you need to be aware of two of the most common entities registered by foreigners in Vietnam: a Limited Liability … Continued