How to Start a Joint Stock Company (JSC) in Vietnam

One of the common entities established by foreign director investors with more than 3 shareholders in Vietnam is a Joint-stock Company. This offers certain flexibilities for medium and large-sized companies with multiple shareholders, including profit-generating activities, listing on the stock exchange etc. Find Out About Cekindo’s Joint-stock Company Registration Services in Vietnam Joint Stock Company … Continued

How to Set Up a Joint Venture as a Foreigner in Vietnam

Vietnam lets foreign investors form joint ventures with both foreign and domestic companies. To comply with foreign ownership rules, international investors frequently form joint ventures with local enterprises. In this article, we’ll go over how to form a joint venture in Vietnam with a local entity. Read More About:Cekindo’s Joint-stock Company Registration Services in Vietnam … Continued

Your One-stop Resource for opening a Joint-stock Company in Vietnam

To meet the growing needs of modern businesses, foreign investors are inclined to form a joint-stock company (JSC) due to its flexible structure, stability, and limited liability of the shareholders. A joint-stock company is a legal entity formed by three or more founding shareholders. Individuals or organizations can be shareholders in the entity, and they each own shares that are split into equal units to form the company’s charter capital.