China +1 Strategy in Vietnam: An Overview for Chinese Investors

In recent decades, China has been considered the manufacturing hub of the world, attracting countless businesses seeking cost-effective production and access to a vast consumer market. China accounted for a significant portion of global manufacturing output, producing around 28.7% of the world’s total manufacturing value-added in 2019. The China +1 strategy boosts manufacturing resilience and … Continued

Top Industries for Chinese Investors to Start a Business in Vietnam

Vietnam has emerged as a prime destination for Chinese investors seeking profitable ventures within Southeast Asia. Vietnam’s business opportunities make it an appealing destination for foreign investment. In particular, Chinese investors collaborating across industries strengthen bilateral ties, the post-US-China Trade War, positively impacting both nations’ economies. Therefore, this article explores sectors attracting Chinese investors in … Continued

Business Opportunities in Vietnam, a Guide for Investors

With increasingly active trade and commerce deals, the ASEAN regional economy is growing well. Despite a worldwide economic slump and a harsh business climate in light of the last two years overshadowed by a crippling global health crisis, Vietnam has astonished the global investment ecosystem with its rapid economic development and ability to rebound from … Continued

Establishment of Representative Office in Vietnam: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to company registration in Vietnam, a representative office can be a viable option for foreign companies looking to establish their business presence. A representative office offers an affordable solution, particularly for newcomers who aim to familiarize themselves with the Vietnamese market. It is typically a preliminary step taken by foreign companies before … Continued

Is COVID-19 finally over in Vietnam?

What Vietnam looks like after 4 waves of COVID Undoubtedly a major 21st-century crisis, the global COVID-19 pandemic still affects even the strongest nations. However, looking at the small Southeast Asian country of Vietnam, things are looking brighter. The country is currently quickly recovering from 2021’s heavy fourth wave of COVID-19. In several aspects, the … Continued

Moving to Vietnam for Chinese Businesses: What are the Benefits?

In recent years, an increasing number of Chinese businesses have been setting their sights on the vibrant and dynamic market of Vietnam. As the global economic landscape continues to evolve, this strategic move has captured the attention of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts alike. This article elaborates on the reasons many Chinese businesses have relocated … Continued

Your Quick Guide to Trademark Registration in Vietnam

The key question to consider is, “Is my company adequately protected?” Amidst the multitude of factors to address when doing business in a foreign nation like Vietnam, entrepreneurs often overlook crucial aspects that can significantly impact their business. Therefore, we are reminding you that trademark registration in Vietnam is an absolute must. Read More About … Continued

A Step-by-step Guide to Setting up a Business in Vietnam

Vietnam had an average economic growth of about 6-7% at pre-pandemic levels, and expected economic growth at similar rates is projected well into the year 2026 according to Statistica. By the year 2036, the size of the Vietnamese economy is expected to surpass Singapore’s, becoming the second-biggest economy in Southeast Asia. However Vietnam is still … Continued

How to Buy Property in Vietnam: Guide for Foreign Investors

As one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia, the community of international investors with their own property in Vietnam is numerous. Multinational corporations such as Nike, Lego, and Samsung, for example, have relocated their operations from China to Vietnam over the past few years. Additionally, Vietnam also boasts strong governance, political stability, encouraged and … Continued

5 Cities to Do Your Business in Vietnam that are NOT Hanoi and HCMC

Find Out About InCorp’s Incorporation Services to Help You Set Up Anywhere in Vietnam More Vietnamese cities are creating chances that are as alluring to foreign investors as the country’s two main cities, thanks to the country’s favorable incentives, cheap labor costs, safe political environment, hopeful economic outlook, and free trade agreements. We have produced … Continued

Top 8 Companies to Conduct Market Research in Vietnam – 2023 Update

Among the essential steps to ensure success in a foreign venture is acquiring a deep understanding of the local market. For businesses eyeing Vietnam as their next strategic destination, comprehensive market research is a crucial factor that cannot be overlooked. This is where the expertise of market research companies in Vietnam comes into play, offering … Continued

Uncovering the Thriving Fitness Industry of Vietnam

The fitness industry in Vietnam is experiencing a significant boom, with a growing number of fitness studios being opened across the country. This surge in popularity can be attributed to several factors, including economic growth, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the rise of fast-food chains. As a result, individuals are prioritizing their health … Continued