Can Foreigners Enjoy Retirement in Vietnam? (2022 Update)

Thinking about retiring but not sure where to settle down? With its rich culture and landscapes, temperate climate, wonderful cuisine, and low living expenses, Vietnam has remained one of the top locations for international retirees seeking to make the most of their golden years. Vietnam not only provides seniors with a fulfilling yet budget-friendly lifestyle. … Continued

Can You Renew Your Work Visa in Vietnam?

A work visa is an important document for foreigners working in Vietnam. Without it, foreigners will face deportation and their employers need to fork out up to VND 75 million to pay for their fine. Therefore, both foreign employees and their employers must know the work visa renewal procedure and its importance in Vietnam. Read … Continued

Immigration Services: Updates on Quarantine Procedures and Vaccine Drive

When the world grapples with the consequences of the covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam sees its own share of rising cases. To keep the transmission in control, the government is taking stringent actions, ensuring the safe-keeping of the citizens as well as the foreign entities entering the country to start a business. Read More about Cekindo’s Investor … Continued

Background Check in Vietnam for Employees: The Essentials

A background check is an important part of the screening procedure for new employees.  Companies that perform background checks thoroughly protect their businesses from various potential risks. This is no different when doing business in Vietnam. Well-performed background checks go deeper than face value. To avoid misrepresentation or deception, this article will cover the essentials … Continued

How can Foreigners Get Health Certificates in Vietnam?

A health certificate in Vietnam is an official document released by registered and licensed medical institutions and hospitals in the country. These health certificates are usually used for applying for a work permit and TRC once you enter the country. The most important benefit of doing a checkup and obtaining a health certificate is to … Continued

How to Get a Work Permit to Teach English in Vietnam

Following the current public health situations (coronavirus pandemic), foreigners who are experts, business managers, high-tech workers and have a certificate showing not tested positive for COVID-19, issued by competent authorities of the host country and approved by Vietnam MOH, will be allowed to enter Vietnam. Required quarantine time has been reduced to 7 days.  There … Continued

Exact Steps on How to Apply for Visas and Work Permits in Vietnam in 2018

Planning to work in Vietnam but unsure about the application process? Due to the continually changing government regulations, the process of applying for work permits and business visas in Vietnam can be confusing and cause foreigners administrative violations by accident. Failure to comply with rules on employment, social insurance, and Vietnamese guest workers may lead … Continued

Updates on Vietnam’s Work Permit and Temporary Residence Card

As Vietnam’s economy grows, the demand for foreign workers has also grown due to the lack of local qualified workers and an increasing number of foreign businesses setting up here. As more and more foreign workers enter the country, businesses must be cognizant of the regulations related to the acquisition of work permits and Temporary Residence Cards in Vietnam.