How to Get a Certificate of Origin in Vietnam

A certificate of origin is an important document when doing business in Vietnam because it is required for international trade and shipments under the national law. The certificate indicates where the goods concerned are produced or manufactured. And with that information, traders must comply with the legal and administrative regulations, and trade policies based on … Continued

Health Food in China: Know the Market and Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Chinese consumer’s consumption of health food was far below that of developed countries in the past. However, presently the demand is increasing rapidly because of the aging aggravation, government encouragement, accelerated urbanization and other drivers. China is recognized as the largest and fastest growing health food market which has huge potential. It is reported that … Continued

7 Answers on How to Import Cosmetics to Vietnam

The US International Trade Administration report draws the global investors’ attention to Vietnam as a country with the highest market potential to import cosmetic products. The US$ 704.2 million worth of the cosmetic market (Nielsen 2013) shows a consistent 33% annual growth in market demand for foreign beauty products, the highest projected growth rate compared … Continued

Guide to Health Supplement Registration in Vietnam

Foreign health products are dominating the Vietnamese market. With a small Vietnamese production and just a few varieties, Vietnamese clients are highly dependent on international brands.

The Process and Safety Regulations of Cosmetic Registration in Vietnam

The value of the cosmetic industry in Vietnam reached US$2,011 million in 2021. Furthermore, Vietnam has worked on reducing tax prices of imported cosmetics by 0-5% through several free trade agreements signed with other countries. The current development of the cosmetic sector in Vietnam indicates tremendous potential for foreign entrepreneurs with perfumes, make-up, hair products … Continued

An In-Depth Guidance on Market Analysis, Labeling, Claims, Packaging and Advertising for Cosmetics in Vietnam

A rapid evolution in Vietnam’s cosmetic industry cannot be denied. There is a growing number of Vietnamese middle-class population, which leads to the substantial growth of the cosmetic market as demand for cosmetics, especially in personal care and beauty products, has increased over the last few years in Vietnam. This rapid evolution has appealed to … Continued

Understand Medical Equipment Registration in Vietnam

In 2017 alone, medical equipment and healthcare expenses contributed by 6.6% to the GDP. It is also forecast that this sector will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.7% between 2017 and 2021. One of the major challenges in medical devices and healthcare sector in Vietnam is the obsolete equipment for surgery … Continued

Food and Beverages Registration in Vietnam

The food and beverage sector is one of the most important and profitable markets in Vietnam, with high revenue driven by both local and foreigners. This sector also accounts for the significant growth of the country’s GDP. According to BMI’s Vietnam Food and Drink report, it is forecast that from 2017 to 2021, the total … Continued

How Big and Promising is the Vietnam Pharmaceutical Market?

The pharmaceutical market is a massive contributor to Vietnam’s rapid economic development. As Vietnam continues to expand, this continues to show plenty of opportunity for foreign investors. Interested in investing in Vietnam’s Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry? See the following services: Medical Device Registration & Health Supplement Registration Business Set Up in Vietnam In the last … Continued