Healthcare Industry in Vietnam: Why You Should Invest Now

With a massive influx of foreign companies, rising disposable income, consistent economic growth, and a burgeoning demographic trend, the prospects of the healthcare industry in Vietnam looks promising. Read more about Cekindo’s Product Registration Services in Vietnam & Company Registration Demand in the healthcare sector is robust, resilient, and is less affected by economic fluctuations, … Continued

How to Start Selling Food Products without Registering a Company in Vietnam

The food and beverages sector in Vietnam is experiencing rapid growth. According to Statista, this sector will hit a US$ 559 million revenue in 2021, and its annual growth rate from 2021 to 2025 is expected to reach 5% — giving an estimated total market volume of US$678 million by 2025. Company registration is often … Continued

A Guide to Establishing a Cosmetics Factory in Vietnam

Vietnam cosmetics market has become burgeoning investment heaven for many local and foreign investors. According to, the cosmetics demand in Vietnam has spiked shockingly, with cosmetics import increased more than twice the amount since 2010: US$ 355 million in 2010 compared to US$ 790 million in 2018.  Furthermore, due to increasing demand for cosmetic … Continued

How to Get a Certificate of Origin in Vietnam

A certificate of origin is an important document when doing business in Vietnam because it is required for international trade and shipments under the national law. The certificate indicates where the goods concerned are produced or manufactured. And with that information, traders must comply with the legal and administrative regulations, and trade policies based on … Continued

Health Food in China: Know the Market and Regulatory Compliance Requirements

Chinese consumer’s consumption of health food was far below that of developed countries in the past. However, presently the demand is increasing rapidly because of the aging aggravation, government encouragement, accelerated urbanization and other drivers. China is recognized as the largest and fastest growing health food market which has huge potential. It is reported that … Continued

How do You Import a Car into Vietnam?

Are you relocating to Vietnam but aren’t ready to let go of your car? A foreigner who would like to import a car to Vietnam and follow them around the world can do so, but the procedure can be a complicated one. Therefore, there are many things you need to consider before going ahead with … Continued

How Big and Promising is the Vietnam Pharmaceutical Market?

The pharmaceutical market is a massive contributor to Vietnam’s rapid economic development. As Vietnam continues to expand, this continues to show plenty of opportunity for foreign investors. Interested in investing in Vietnam’s Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry? See the following services: Medical Device Registration & Health Supplement Registration Business Set Up in Vietnam In the last … Continued

How to Start a Restaurant Business in Vietnam

More and more restaurants in Vietnam have been achieving notable international awards than ever before in it’s rich culinary history. The expanding middle-class paired with an influx of foreign-trained chefs and an appetite for novel food concepts is fueling this incredible boom in the restaurant industry. This is also another reason starting a restaurant business … Continued

An In-Depth Guidance on Market Analysis, Labeling, Claims, Packaging and Advertising for Cosmetics in Vietnam

A rapid evolution in Vietnam’s cosmetic industry cannot be denied. There is a growing number of Vietnamese middle-class population, which leads to the substantial growth of the cosmetic market as demand for cosmetics, especially in personal care and beauty products, has increased over the last few years in Vietnam. This rapid evolution has appealed to … Continued

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Device Registration in Vietnam

Vietnam’s economy is encountering rapid development over the years. Economic growth, demographic transformation, habit changes, and increased income have propelled the healthcare demand throughout the entire country. A rise in private healthcare services has been particularly noticeable as Vietnam’s rising middle class looks for shorter lines, cutting edge technology and better trained doctors. Find Out … Continued