Cekindo is cooperating with various market-entry consulting/business process outsourcing firms across the globe to deliver the best services for our customers. Are you looking for a business partner in a region other than Vietnam?

Here is a list of our partners who will deliver the best solutions and services for you.





Ahmed Hassan El Sayed Chartered Accountants , Consultants , Tax Advisers was established as a national public accountants and consultants that has strived to render quality services to its clients and the investors in Egypt. In short period of time, AHS has occupied a remarkable place among professional firms in Egypt. This due to the fact that the firm have a team of dedicated business professionals who possess and maintain standards of integrity and technical skills while caring for clients.

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Services offered by AHS include:

  • Establishing all types of companies
  • Dealing with all governmental authorities
  • Submitting all tax returns
  • Auditing

For more information, please visit www.ahs-auditors.com




Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Hong Kong

IWG is the global operator of leading workspace providers such as Regus, Spaces and HQ. With over one million workspaces and a presence in hundreds of countries, cities, towns, and transport hubs worldwide, IWG helps millions of people around the world have a great day at work – every day.

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IWG Boilerplate helps their clients with the following services:

  • Office space solutions.
  • Customized and flexible meeting rooms.


Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, Australia

Port Cities is an IT consulting company with offices in Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong & Mexico. Team of Port Cities focuses on implementations of ERP system Odoo to help companies digitize their business processes, such as payroll, accounting, warehouse management, sales, procurement, and many others. Port Cities has more than 20 years of experience with business consulting & was awarded the Best Odoo partner in the APAC region for the year 2020.

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Port Cities helps their clients with the following services:

  • Analysis of business needs & designing the business flow in the new system.
  • Configuration of Odoo for the case of our clients.
  • Custom development of new functionalities of Odoo.
  • Connectors of Odoo with other systems (e.g. Online Pajak, Vietnamese E-invoice,…).
  • Migration of client’s data into the new system.
  • Training of client’s end-users to use the newly implemented system.
  • Functional and technical support after deploying the system
  • Providing server hosting solution with maintenance & regular backups.

For more information, please visit www.portcities.net

Koisra Up - Cekindo Global Partner


South Korea

KOISRA UP is part of KOISRA Co., Ltd, a Korean based business development, consulting and outsourcing firm specializing in the South Korean market. Since our establishment in 2009, we have been assisting foreign companies to enter the Korean market successfully. Our company has experience and knowledge in a wide range of business services which make it easier for foreign companies to do business in Korea.

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3E Accounting


3E Accounting Pte. Ltd. is an international accounting network for experienced professionals to offer high quality one-stop solution professional and compliance services on both local and international fronts. The members of 3E global accounting network undertake and are committed to provide effective and efficient services to support clients in bringing their businesses to the next level of success internationally.

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Our international alliance of worldwide accounting firms offer international accountancy advice and one stop accounting solutions regarding the following niches:

  • Business Setups
  • Accounting Tax
  • Audit
  • Corporate Finance
  • Finance Planning and Management

For more information, please visit www.3ecpa.com

Prime Global


PrimeGlobal is an award-winning association of independent accounting and business advisory firms, comprising more than 300 highly successful member firms in over 100 countries. PrimeGlobal’s independent member firms house a combined total of over 3,000 partners, 26,000 employees and a combined revenue of over $3.5 billion.

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PrimeGlobal provides its independent member firms with tools and resources to help them furnish superior accounting, auditing, tax, and advisory services to clients around the globe.

For more information, please visit www.primeglobal.net




RSA, is a Nepal based independent firm bound by integrity focused on performance and driven by results.

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RSA specializes in providing:

  • Quality Audit
  • Accounting
  • Tax and Boutique Advisory
  • Financial Management Services including Company Incorporation, Investment Approvals, Local Statutory Compliances to international and domestic organizations in Nepal.
  • RSA Advisory Services include cost effective value added services

For more information, please visit www.rsa.com.np


GQS Singapore

Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia

GQS Singapore is a leading consulting and certification support provider with footprints in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait.

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MC Group of Companies


MC Group of Companies are Singapore’s leading Specialist Corporate Services & Corporate Legal Advisory group with over 30 years of successful practice in setting up, serving and administering diverse local, multinational and offshore businesses. Our differentiating edge is our ability to provide a full-range corporate service for secretarial, accounting, tax, immigration services, audit, GST, business advisory, corporate legal advisory amongst a host of other essential corporate support for all your business needs.

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MC Group of Companies:

  • MC Corporate Services Pte. Ltd.(“MCCS”)
  • HC Consultancy Pte. Ltd.(“HC”)
  • MC Campos Tax Services Pte. Ltd.(“MATS”)
  • MC Accounting Services Pte. Ltd. (“MCAS”)

HC Consultancy Pte Ltd (HC) is the legal and corporate advisory arm of the MC Group of Companies, one of Singapore’s top four corporate secretarial firms. HC Consultancy specialises in providing sound Business and Legal Advice to Clients from around the world, assisting you to navigate and take your business forward.

MC Group offer a range of service including:

For more information, please visit www.mccorporate.com.sg


Chemical Inspection and Regulation Service

China, Ireland, United States

Chemical Inspection and Regulation Service (CIRS) is a leading product regulatory compliance consulting firm. With its headquarters based in Hangzhou of China and subsidiaries or laboratories located in Ireland, the United States, Beijing, Nanjing, and Ningbo.

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CIRS provides comprehensive compliance services such as:

  • Chemical notifications
  • Global GHS compliance
  • Pesticides and biocides registration
  • Cosmetics and new cosmetic ingredient registration
  • Medical device registration
  • Food and food-related products compliance services including food & beverage, food supplement, FSMP, infant formula, food raw material, food additive, food packaging, etc

For more information, please visit www.cirs-reach.com


Baku Business Solutions LLC


Baku Business Solutions LLC (“BBS”) is a professional consulting company with proven track records in Azerbaijan. We are experts at setting up new businesses with an expertise to advise on an efficient organizational structure. Our experienced professionals can set up accounting function to quiet the “chaos” in your business, as well as to support your business to meet your tax reporting & compliance requirements, to comply with requirements of State Social Protection Fund, State Statistical Committee, migration rules in Azerbaijan.

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Baku Business Solutions’ services include:

  • Business Set Up
  • Accounting
  • Tax reporting

For more information, please visit www.bbs.az


Dr. Knoell Consult GMBH

China, Thailand, Japan, Korea

Knoell Consult is a full service provider in global regulatory affairs. Knoell Consult ensures that your products are in compliance with the latest developments, not only in Europe (EU and non-EU), but also in the US, Canada, South America and the Asia-Pacific region (China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia, and the entire ASEAN region).

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  • industrial/specialty chemicals
  • agrochemicals
  • biocides
  • cosmetics
  • food contact materials
  • veterinary medicine
  • medical devices

For more information, please visit www.knoell.com




The accounting Firm Lazar & Co (Israel) Certified Public Accountants provides a close and full business escort to its clients, whether it is an ongoing business or a new business. We go over the top to assist our clients to realize their excellent ideas into a successful business. We assist our clients to come up with the most appropriate association type for their business, while giving full attention to the business and its industry characteristics.

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Bansho ITO


Getting ready on setting up a company in Japan? Bansho Ito is your excellent choice to deliver services that efficiently fulfill all statutory compliance for your company. Bansho Ito will go through the procedures with you to register a company quickly and cost-effectively, allowing you to concentrate on building your business while we take care of all the administration and compliance matters for you.

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As a company set up specialist, Bansho Ito’s range of services include:

  • Incorporation or starting K.K. or G.K. company in Japan
  • Accounting
  • Various tax management
  • Structuring
  • Legal advices

For more information, please visit www.bansho-ito.jp




Tributum is based in Kazakhstan and provides its services to clients that intend to establish their business presence in Kazakhstan.

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Tributum provides tailor-made solutions for:

  • Company formation, branch and representative office registration
  • Accounting and tax compliance services
  • Compliance, audit and forensic services
  • Payroll services
  • Tax advisory

For more information, please visit www.tributum.kz


Osung Accounting Corporation


Osung Accounting Corporation is a mid-sized accounting firm manned with perfectly bilingual professionals, aiming to provide accounting, tax returns, and payroll outsourcing services to foreign or foreign-invested companies operating in Korea.

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These are the values we strive to achieve customer satisfaction:

  • Dedicated professionalism with in-depth experience
  • One-stop total service
  • Total customization of services
  • Powerful network in doing business in Korea
  • Reasonable service fee

For more information, please visit www.osungac.com


ACCMIN Consulting and Services Co., Ltd.


ACCMIN Consulting and Services Co., Ltd. is a sustainable growth-oriented consulting firm that delivers a comprehensive range of accounting, audit and financial management services with an emphasis on system set up, system review, risk assessment, and reporting preparation as well as providing capacity building services to the local and international community in Lao PDR.

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Accmin Consulting and Services’ services include:

Accounting and Financial Management

  • Accounting System Set Up
  • Bookkeeping and Reporting
  • Budgeting and Financial Management

Assurance/Audit Services

  • Financial Audit
  • Audit Upon Procedures (AUP)
  • Financial Review

Tax Services

  • Obtaining Tax ID
  • Tax Filing
  • Tax Diligence

Training and Capacity Building

  • Training Need Assessment
  • Develop and Design Training Materials
  • Provision of Training On and Off Site
  • Provision of On The Job Training
  • Follow up Implementation/Performance After Training

For more information, please visit www.acs-lao.com


SAS Smart Account Solution Co. LTD.


Outsourcing firm based in Philippines that provides scalable account outsourcing solutions to small, medium and large business enterprises within and outside the Philippines. Our financial specialists are technically trained and have high level of expertise in software like Quickbooks, Xero, MYOB and SAP.

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Our range of solutions includes:

  • Accounting
  • Audit
  • Bookkeeping
  • Business registration processing in Philippines
  • Management consulting
  • Payroll services
  • Tax consulting
  • Other related services

For more information, please visit www.sas-ph.com


SINEW = Service Of International Networking And Efficient Working


SCG is a consulting company based in Taiwan that was established in 2002, providing services to the food, cosmetics, medical devices, agriculture, biotech and related industries in Taiwan and Mainland China, as well as to the international ones.

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The major consulting service areas:

  • help clients to get into the overseas markets
  • sensory analysis
  • marketing research
  • regulation compliance
  • IP trade (if employing IP authorization instead of product trade)

For more information, please visit www.e-sinew.com



United Kingdom

IP-Coster is designed to generate accurate cost estimates, initiate direct filings and provide workflow solutions for patents, utility models, trademarks and industrial designs all over the world. IP-Coster compiles all national legislation aspects of Intellectual Property Laws in order to facilitate the foreign filings. All provided information is supported through honourable mediation of IP-Coster members.

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IP-Costers offers the following tools:

For more information, please visit www.ip-coster.com



Czech Republic

Foreigners is an agency providing complex relocation services for expats in the Czech Republic. The agency contributes to increasing mutual understanding and overcoming cultural barriers of locals and expats by holding various English-friendly events. With offices across the country (Prague, Brno, Hradec Kralove, Pilsen, Olomouc, Ostrava), the mission of Foreigners is to make expats feel at home in the Czech Republic.

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Foreigners services include:

  • Visa/Employee cards assistance
  • Apartment renting and purchasing
  • Declaration of accommodation
  • Health insurance arrangement
  • Translations
  • Transportation and driving license processing
  • Business consultations

For more information, please visit www.foreigners.cz


Stratex Consulting


Stratex Consulting supports companies active in Medical Devices, Biotech, Pharma and Life Sciences in their international development at the strategic level, marketing, financial, administrative or logistics.

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Stratex Consulting services include:

  • Audit
  • Analysis
  • Prospection
  • Business Development
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Investor Services

For more information, please visit www.stratex-europe.com


DEL a.s.

Czech Republic

Czech company with approx. 300 employees. DEL a.s. is holding an important position in many areas.

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Production program of the company is based on 3 main pillars:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Automation of technological processes
  • Production of switchboards and control panels

For more information, please visit en.del.cz



Czech Republic / Turkey

ČeskoTurecko / ÇekTürk provides professional services and consultancy focused on the trade between the Czech Republic and Turkey. Main services are supporting export and import of products between two countries and finding distributors or partners for both Czech and Turkish companies. ČeskoTurecko / ÇekTürk is also actively organising cultural and social events.

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ČeskoTurecko / ÇekTürk services include:

  • Market Research
  • Partner & Distributor Research
  • Export & Import Support
  • Accounting & Tax Consultancy
  • Company Formation
  • Trade License
  • Trade Support

For more information, please visit www.cekturk.com


Dr. Knoell Consult GMBH

Germany, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal

Knoell Consult is a full service provider in global regulatory affairs. Knoell Consult ensures that your products are in compliance with the latest developments, not only in Europe (EU and non-EU), but also in the US, Canada, South America and the Asia-Pacific region (China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia, and the entire ASEAN region).

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  • industrial/specialty chemicals
  • agrochemicals
  • biocides
  • cosmetics
  • food contact materials
  • veterinary medicine
  • medical devices

For more information, please visit www.knoell.com

Dr. Oehler

Kanzel Dr. Oehler


Dr. Oehler attracts and retains clients by offering high quality and efficient services. Personal and individually tailored guidance and a proactive consulting approach with a keen focus on creating added value for clients, is leading to an increasing number of clients. With Munich situated close to the Italian, Czech and Austrian border the cross-border activities play an important role locally. Requests for one-stop bilingual services therefore ensure steady growth.

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Services offered:

  • Tax consultancy
  • Audit and assurance
  • Financial accounting
  • Payroll accounting
  • Start-up of a new business
  • Business advisory

For more information, please visit www.steuerberater-oehler.de




Crossbridge is an Italian based advisory firm established in 2012 by a group of senior managers with proven experience in the management of local and multinational companies. Created to support Italian, Crossbridge companies seek to internationalize their business in the Far East Countries by developing and implementing new business strategies.

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Crossbridge’s services include:

  • Market Analysis
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Operational Deployment Support

For more information, please visit www.crossbridge.it


Wisteria Chartered Accountants And Chartered Tax Advisers


UK has always been an easy place to do business. With a strong economy, liberal regulations, and a fair and trusted legal system the UK remains one of the leading locations to invest in.

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Wisteria’s services include:

  • Accounting
  • Audit
  • Payroll
  • Strategic Advice
  • Tax Services

For more information, please visit www.wisteria.co.uk

North America


Dr. Knoell Consult GMBH

USA – headquarters

Knoell Consult is a full service provider in global regulatory affairs. Knoell Consult ensures that your products are in compliance with the latest developments, not only in Europe (EU and non-EU), but also in the US, Canada, South America and the Asia-Pacific region (China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia, and the entire ASEAN region).

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  • industrial/specialty chemicals
  • agrochemicals
  • biocides
  • cosmetics
  • food contact materials
  • veterinary medicine
  • medical devices

For more information, please visit www.knoell.com

South America

Bizlatin Hub

Biz Latin Hub

Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Belize, Panama, Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica, El Savador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Australia

Biz Latin Hub is a Back Office market leader in helping both local and foreign companies to successfully do business in Latin America and Australia, by providing a full suite of back office services, including multi-lingual (English, Spanish and French).

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Biz Latin Hub’s services include:

  • Market Entry Evaluation and Studies
  • Accounting and Financial Services
  • Immigration and Visa Services
  • Commercial, Employment and Specialised Legal Services
  • Offshore Company and Bank Account Establishment
  • Recruitment Services
  • Marketing Services

For more information, please visit www.bizlatinhub.com


Establish Brazil


Establish Brazil is a specialized market-entry consulting firm that provides full-services packages to companies in their expansions to Brazil and Latin America. Our team of experts guide you through every step of building your business for success, from rigorous market research to matchmaking with established Brazilian partners. We combine our knowledge of Brazil’s unique business environment, years of experience delivering reliable results and a multicultural team ready to assist you.

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Our 360-degree approach helps companies before, during and after they establish a presence in Brazil, some of the services we offer:

  • market research and opportunity
  • due diligence
  • business incubator & local representation
  • office-in-office
  • interim management & corporate secretarial
  • document filing & bank account opening
  • accounting, payroll & finance
  • recruitment & human resources
  • investor’s VISA & work permits

For more information, please visit www.EstablishBrazil.com


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