Maximise your business potentials in Vietnam and enter the market smoothly and risk free

As a consulting company, it is our intention to make sure that you have a seamless experience in starting a business or expanding to vietnam. Through our full range of business and corporate services, you can have peace of mind and enjoy hasle-free market entry activities.


Vietnam offers plenty of options to enter its market. Thanks to Cekindo’s team of professional experts in Vietnam, we are able to provide you with advisory and consultation regarding the best and most suitable business strategies to set up your business in Vietnam.


As a country with abundant potentials, Vietnam attracts international importers. If you are looking to distribute and sell your products in Vietnam, you need to first register your products and secure all required licenses.


Securing a work permit and obtaining a correct visa are required to stay and work legally in Vietnam. A visa agency with rich experience like Cekindo can assist and guide you through the application process.

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