Benefits of Outsourcing your HR Operations with Cekindo

  • Professional Bilingual Support

    Our team of professionals speak English and has many years of experience helping foreign companies set up their HR needs in Vietnam.

  • APAC leader in Corporate Services

    As a member of InCorp group, based in Singapore, our network of companies are leaders in the region for corporate services helping companies expand throughout the Asia Pacific through our incorporation and business process outsourcing services.

  • A-Z Payroll Needs

    We can take care of all your payroll needs for hiring, paying and staying compliant while doing business in Vietnam. This includes hiring local and foreign employees

Human Resources Services Vietnam

Our Human Resources Outsourcing Services

Payroll Processing and Reporting (Recurring Service)

Payroll Processing & Reporting (Recurring Service)

All internal matters related to payroll including bank account setup, a monthly distribution of salaries, and personal income taxes. Complying with Vietnam’s ever-evolving requirements for paying local and foreign employees will deliver a seamless and reliable salary distribution for all your employees.

Recruitment in Vietnam


Talent acquisition, selection, contracts consulting and procedure (recurring service).

Scope of each service includes, assessment of client needs, searching and shortlisting, conducting pre-interviews, approval to join the labor union, creating labor agreements, arranging for interviews and onboarding procedures.

Other HR Services in Vietnam

Other HR Services

  • Trade union (similar to a labor union) registration and is the government mediator between employees and employer, protects the rights of workers
  • HR system registration setup
  • Initial labor registration
    Labor Report Registration Help create Company Regulations & get approval from the authorities Salary scale Registration
  • Initial Social Insurance registration
    Delivery of Documents to Government Offices Creating and Adjusting Declaration sheet on Social, Health & Unemployment Insurance for each employee Submit List of Employee Information and Company Labor List
  • TRC & Work Permit for Foreign Employees
    Whether its for your management team or you need to hire foreign employees for your operations we can assist with all the immigration paperwork. This includes applying for a Work Permit and a Temporary Residence Card with the local immigration department in order to be fully compliant with local immigration regulations.

Timeline of our Human Resource Services


  • Recurring: payroll
  • Social Insurance Reporting
  • PIT (personal income tax) reporting & tracking
  • Consultation about employment or labor relationships


  • Labor Declaration Report (for labor department on how many employees are working, foreigner labor declaration)
  • PIT Finalization & settlement (return of taxes if overpaying
  • Social Insurance Finalization (make a report on employees in terms of duration they are on social insurance)
  • Company regulation registration (internal labor rules, you have to tell authorities)

2022 Updates?


  • 2022 Updates to be Aware of
  • Increase rate of social insurance for foreigners – from 8% to 29.5%
  • Company: covers 20%, employee covers 9.5%

Vietnam’s Minimum Wage
for 2021 & 2022

  • Be Aware of Vietnam’s Minimum Wage for 2022 & 2023
  • HCMC – 4,680,000VND +7% (for skilled workers)
  • Hanoi – 4,680,000VND +7% (for skilled workers)
  • Danang – 4,680,000VND +7% (for skilled workers)

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