Key Services

Branch Office

A branch office is ideal for a company that has already been established for some time in its country of origin. The branch office in Vietnam is simply a copy of the original company in all of its incorporation structure. Establish your branch office in Vietnam with a partner who is at your side at every step of the way.

Company Registration

Foreign investors can form several kinds of legal entities with a Limited-Liability Company (LLC) and a Joint-Stock Company (JSC) being the most popular choices of company registration in Vietnam.

Business Partner & Distributor Selection

Cekindo can help you to find a Reliable Business Partner or Distributor in Vietnam as an easy way to expand your business in the country.

Virtual Office

Located in the business area, our Virtual Offices in Ho Chi Minh City will help your business with professional and cost effective services.

Serviced Office

A serviced office is a modern approach to a traditional office in Vietnam, with little commitment and resources needed from your side.

Coworking Space

Cekindo provides office space that can be tailored to suit your needs. From virtual office, serviced office, to coworking space in Vietnam.

Shelf Company

A shelf company is a legal entity that has been established and registered and is ready for purchase & use by any foreign investor in Vietnam.

Trademark Registration

Registering your trademark in Vietnam will help protect your intellectual rights while doing business in the country.

Company Dissolution

Closing a company is a tough decision that a businessperson has to make. Company dissolution services from Cekindo can help you do it safely.

Expand Your Business To Vietnam With Cekindo

Gain your market presence in Vietnam through our business set up services. With a team of experienced professionals, Cekindo can provide advisory on the best strategies to establish your business in Vietnam.

Just like every other market, Vietnam is a unique country. Deep understanding of the business environment and legal practices is required. Cekindo makes sure that your company is set up properly and in compliance with Vietnam’s legal requirements.

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