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  • Up to 100% foreign-owned entity

    Our team will ensure your complete control over your business in vietnam without making risky arrangements.

  • Fully Online Setup Options

    Our Offices are functioning with both in-house and fully remote operations. However, we are allowing fully vaccinated potential clients to visit our offices for the remainder of the year 2022.

  • APAC leader in Corporate Services

    As a member of InCorp group, based in Singapore, our network of companies are leaders in the region for corporate services helping companies expand throughout the Asia Pacific.

Organizational Consulting in Vietnam

A Shelf Company – What you need to know

A shelf company is a company that has already been established and registered but is kept “on the shelf” immediately after the company incorporation process. Therefore it is available for purchase.

Thus, a shelf company is an excellent choice for businesses that aim at an immediate start in a new market. By purchasing a shelf company, you do not need to deal with long procedures, high costs, and a significant amount of time and energy involved during the establishment process. Instead, the process is rather smooth with a quick ownership transfer.

Benefits of choosing a Shelf Company in Vietnam

When you choose to buy yourself a shelf company to penetrate the market in Vietnam, there are plenty of benefits that you can enjoy, the most noteworthy ones are:

Agile Organization Workshop

The quickest way to set up a presence in Vietnam

Ask yourself this question: would you rather buy from a newly established company or a company that has been established for quite some time, let’s say a few years? Many people would have more confidence in the latter. This is because an aged company is known to be more reputable and trustworthy. Potential clients and business partners will be more willing to do business with a reputable company.
Consultation on Processes & Structures based on Agile principles

Easy to Process

Some discouraging factors when setting up a company from scratch include bureaucracy, high costs, and a significant amount of time and energy involved during the establishment process. When you buy a shelf company, you will not have to deal with all the complicated procedures. Instead, the process is rather smooth with a quick ownership transfer.
Consultation of Enablement of Agile Cultures & Values Vietnam

Fast Process

As an incorporation process has already been completed, our shelf companies are ready to be used immediately after a registration process, which generally takes one week from the date of its purchase. However, this does not include other items such as legal representative requirements.
Branch Office Registration Vietnam

Online Purchase

You can choose from our list of shelf companies (with available business lines), buy the one that suits your needs, and start doing business in Vietnam as soon as the paperwork is approved. As soon as a shelf company in Vietnam is purchased, Cekindo transfers management control to you by giving you a power of attorney before you will be an official legal representative of the company.
Branch Office Registration Vietnam

Easy Entrance Into a New Market

By purchasing one of our shelf companies in Vietnam, everything comes in handy. You will get an already approved corporate bank account with internet banking, a registration tax number, a legal company address, a set of company registration documents, and most importantly, a clean background.

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Step 1: Apply for approval for contribution capital in a Local company at the investment department of DPI (Department of Planning & Investment)
Step 2: Submit the transferring ownership for the company at the Business registration department (DPI))

To transfer ownership to the foreign investor only need to provide a certified passport (individual) or the incorporation certificates ( corporate investor)

There is no TAX obligation requested and applied for the foreign investor for this purchase, even VAT.

Cekindo provides the service supporting client' find & purchase ashelf company and process the transferring ownership at the correct license authority (DPI)
Cekindo also assists clients in bank opening
Amending company information with tax, bank and business registee department
HR service
Accounting service
VO service
Legal representative service
Immigration service

It is a much quicker process. You can have the shelf company up and running in your name in about two weeks. However, starting a company from scratch can take up to 2 months.

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