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In Vietnam, company dissolution is one of the most cumbersome processes you, as an entrepreneur, will encounter.

Starting and running a business in Vietnam is a dream of many investors. The success of a business, however, depends on a lot of factors, such as the uniqueness and quality of a product or a service and the ability to stand out from competitors.

Unfortunately, despite the best effort, a company or a business may not be able to survive and needs to be dissolved.

To be able to dissolve a company in Vietnam, a business is required to go through a liquidation process. Liquidation, in other words clearing and settling the company’s assets and liabilities, is the only way for businesses in Vietnam to be able to come to the end of their legal existence.

The Process of Closing a Company in Vietnam

In general, to start implementing the process of dissolving a company, the following steps must be taken:

  • Calculate and process final payment for all employees along with issuing a termination decision.
  • The company then can start with the process of liquidating its assets along with clearing and settling all liabilities and debts (if any). It can be with landlords, financial institutions, employees and state authorities.
  • Submit the dissolution documents to the Tax Authority.
  • After, it is time to prepare the tax finalisation reports for dissolution.
  • If the company has several branches and/or representative offices in various locations, all of them must be closed.
  • Terminate the company’s Investment Project and submit Notice on Dissolution Intent to HCMC Department of Planning and Investment.
  • Obtain Certificate of Corporate Seal Withdrawal (if any).
  • Submit the complete application dossier for company dissolution to HCMC Department of Planning and Investment and wait for the result.

Company Dissolution Services in Vietnam With Cekindo

Closing a company or an enterprise in Vietnam on your own without any assistance from legal or company dissolution specialists seems like a highly challenging task, as it requires a significant amount of time and resources.

That is why a team of company dissolution specialists at Cekindo exist. From drafting the dissolution notification and processing final payment for all employees to liquidating assets, settling all debts and preparing tax finalisation reports, we are here to guide and provide advice every step of the way.

The benefits of dissolving a company with Cekindo are as follows:

Liquidator Services - iconQuality liquidator services
An accountable liquidator accepted by the General Meeting of Shareholder (GMS) or District Court is responsible to take part during the whole company dissolution procedure. As a registered liquidator in Vietnam, Cekindo can provide complete assistance in conducting all the necessary steps of the liquidation process.

One Stop Solution - iconIntegrated solution
As a leading consulting company in Vietnam, our services cover not only the liquidation services, as briefly mentioned above. We will take care of the whole process of terminating the legal status of your company in Vietnam.

Fast Process - iconQuick and hassle-free process
The duration of dissolving a company in Vietnam depends on various external conditions. However, with Cekindo, you can have peace of mind that no major delays will occur. Thanks to our extensive experience on the Vietnam market as well as a vast network of contacts, we guarantee the fastest process of company dissolution.

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Cekindo has been a great help in the incorporation of our company in Vietnam by providing useful information and clear explanation on complicated regulatory procedures. The team went the extra mile by helping us to clarify on other matters pertaining to Vietnam, and proactively helped us to liaise with the respective internal functions on our queries and responded promptly.

Louis Koh Kay Boon
CEO, Ryker Company Limited

It was our pleasure to deal with Cekindo. Indeed, the company with its specialised team was at the highest level of professionalism in dealing with customers and was serious in providing assistance and advice. Many thanks to Cekindo and all the team members. I wish you lasting success in the years to come.

CEO, Vietnam Family Import Export Company Limited
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Cekindo has assisted our company with company registration and nominee director services. Everything has gone smoothly and we wish to have further support in the future. Thank you Cekindo.

Founder, Shewutrade Group
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Cekindo Vietnam’s team has always been very responsive and helped us with sense of urgency. We have never been disappointed with Cekindo’s services.

Founder, Adgorithmics

I have successfully received the TRC permit for me and my family, thanks to Cekindo team’s dedication and perseverance. We had some bumps along the way but we got it done, good job. I worked with different consulting companies in the past, outside of Vietnam, Cekindo is one of the most responsive and agile.

Nadav Sarel
Founder & CEO, Telestar Limited Liability Company

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