The total number of elderly consumers in Vietnam is now 5.6 million, presenting a tremendous opportunity for the health supplement industry in Vietnam. The young generation in Vietnam is more health-conscious which together with the growing middle-income population results in strong purchasing power and affordable health supplements.Other than the western health supplement products, Vietnamese consumers also prefer traditional and herbal medicine. Therefore, the development of traditional Chinese health supplement in Vietnam is considered to be one of the most prosperous.

How to Register Health Supplements in Vietnam

To register health supplements in Vietnam, investors must comply with several regulations and quite strict food safety and hygiene standards.


The labeling of health supplements is basically the same as the labeling of other food types. In general, a label should be put on the package of the health supplement and contain the following mandatory information:

  • Name of product
  • Composition
  • Quantity of product
  • Manufacturing date
  • Usage and preservation instructions
  • Shelf life
  • Country of origin
  • Name and address of manufacture/responsible party
  • Nutritional information
  • Recommendation and warnings

For supplements, it is required to put the title “supplemental foods” on the label.


Producers and distributors entering the Vietnamese market must submit product self-declaration or product declaration registration to the Ministry of Health (MOH).

The application dossier should include several documents such as:

  • Certificate of Free Sale or Health Certificate
  • Licenses of a Vietnamese importer consisting of:
    • Investment registration certificate (IRC)
    • Enterprise registration certificate (ERC)
  • Product samples
  • Product label

Also, applicable from July 2019, Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) will be required.


In addition to labeling, claims are also part of the requirements for health supplement product registration in Vietnam.

There are two types of claims for health supplements, namely nutrient content claims and health claims, with details as follows:


Not every health supplement can have nutrient content claims. Only products that provide 10% or more of the Vietnamese RNI, either per 100g or per portion , can have the claims.

Another factor is the main active ingredients. To be eligible for claims, a product must contain not less than 15% of the concerned nutrient reference intake.


Only health supplements whose added substances contain 10% or more of the RNI can have the health claims. Scientific evidence is required to make such claims.

Classification of Health Supplements

Health supplements, which is also known as dietary supplements or food supplements, are products that are used to improve the health and boost imunity of their users. These health supplements are taken as an addition to supplement the daily diet.

Health supplements may come in various forms such as pills, tablets, capsules, powder, liquids and granules. In line with its purpose, a health supplement contain the following substances (can be a single substance or a mixture of many):

  1. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, probiotics and other biologically active substances.
  2. Substances derived from animals, minerals, plants in the form of extracts, isolates, concentrates or metabolites.

Composition of Health Supplements

A health supplement can be composed of various elements. The common composition of a health supplement is nutrients, plants and additives.
Take into account that there are the ASEAN Negative Plant List and a circular guidance on the management of food additives, among others, to be consulted. For detailed guidance, it is best to consult with a health supplement product registration specialist in Vietnam.

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Are health supplements the same as medicines in Vietnam?

No. That is why each health supplement is required to put a statement that says "This product is neither medicine nor effective to replace medicine” to differentiate it from medicine.

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