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Payroll Outsourcing in Vietnam

Managing payroll in Vietnam is complicated in that specific time investment, knowledge of local regulations and labor laws are required. It is highly important to understand all regulations related to tax and manpower in Vietnam as payroll calculation will affect your tax and social security reports.

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

Cekindo offers professional experts to assist you with payroll processing and outsourcing services. Whether your company is small, medium or large, our services can be tailored to your business needs. It is our commitment to ensure that your raw payroll data are processed in accordance with the latest regulations in Vietnam.

Our Payroll Services Package

1. Medical and Social Insurance Registration

When opening a company in Vietnam, you are required to register with the goverment to obtain your medical and social insurance. We are here to make sure that you do not forget what seems to be trivial but actually is important for your business sustainability in Vietnam.

2. Monthly payroll calculation

If you outsource your payroll with us, we will ensure that your payroll is calculated accurately and processed on time every month based on your cut-off time.

3. Monthly payslips and reporting

In addition to monthly payroll calculation, we also prepare monthly payslips to be distributed to all of your local and foreign employees and monthly reporting.

4. Personal income tax declaration and assessment

With regards to personal income tax, every individual is required to submit declaration on a quarterly basis when income is less than 50M VND or a monthly basis when income is more than 50M VND. We will assist you with the personal income tax declaration and assessment.

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Selected Testimonials


Cekindo has been a great help in the incorporation of our company in Vietnam by providing useful information and clear explanation on complicated regulatory procedures. The team went the extra mile by helping us to clarify on other matters pertaining to Vietnam, and proactively helped us to liaise with the respective internal functions on our queries and responded promptly.

Louis Koh Kay Boon
CEO, Ryker Company Limited

It was our pleasure to deal with Cekindo. Indeed, the company with its specialised team was at the highest level of professionalism in dealing with customers and was serious in providing assistance and advice. Many thanks to Cekindo and all the team members. I wish you lasting success in the years to come.

CEO, Vietnam Family Import Export Company Limited
Shewutrade logo

Cekindo has assisted our company with company registration and nominee director services. Everything has gone smoothly and we wish to have further support in the future. Thank you Cekindo.

Founder, Shewutrade Group
Adgorithmics logo

Cekindo Vietnam’s team has always been very responsive and helped us with sense of urgency. We have never been disappointed with Cekindo’s services.

Founder, Adgorithmics

I have successfully received the TRC permit for me and my family, thanks to Cekindo team’s dedication and perseverance. We had some bumps along the way but we got it done, good job. I worked with different consulting companies in the past, outside of Vietnam, Cekindo is one of the most responsive and agile.

Nadav Sarel
Founder & CEO, Telestar Limited Liability Company

As a foreinger it is difficult to have a general overview on starting a company in Vietnam, particularly on handling costs, communicating expenses and fiscal. When I reached out to Cekindo, the team was responsive and efficient upon customer requests. Furthermore, the team’s English proficiency helped a lot during the consultation.

Founder, Saphire
Clap Tech Limited Company - logo

Not only was the team professional throughout our interactions, they even went beyond their responsibilities to ensure that our company’s needs were fulfilled. We highly recommend their services to any companies who would like to have peace of mind and just focus on their businesses.

Sean Ching
Founder & CEO, Clap Tech Limited Company (Distributor for Tonino Lamborghini Vodka)

Besides being understanding, patient and kind; Cekindo was extremely efficient and practical as well and guided me every step along the way. I would highly, highly recommend anyone who is either in urgent or not-so-urgent need of obtaining a visa for Vietnam to work with Cekindo. It has been a privilege doing business with them and I know who will be my agents in the future!

Gauthier D'haenens

Cekindo helped us to cover important quarterly reporting when our Chief Accountant suddenly resigned. They did all the necessary paperwork. Fast and reliable.

Jozef M.
CEO of Finchef Co., Ltd.

Herewith we want to express our appreciation to PT. Cekindo Bisnis Grup and their team for all the support on medical devices services so far. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Cekindo for taking the time to listen to our needs. Whenever a need has arisen, we have always received their consistent, timely and quality support. We would not hesitate to recommend Cekindo team for any related activity or services.

My Linh Hoangova
Executive, ELC Group

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