Key Services

Medical Devices

Cekindo can help you register medical device in Vietnam according to the classification of each medical device. Contact us now.

Food & Beverage

Find your complete guide to food and beverage product registration in Vietnam. From labeling, how to import products to the registration process.

Health Supplement

This article will guide you through the registration process of health supplement products in Vietnam, from labeling to product claims.

Beauty & Cosmetic

Register Cosmetic and Beauty Products in Vietnam hassle-free. Cekindo can help you from the registration, finding distributors, to the representative services.

Registering Products in Vietnam: Focus on what matters

Let us take care of product regulation compliances while you focus on your business success. Cekindo provides licensing, product registration, and tax services to help you import your products into Vietnam.

How Can Cekindo help?

  • Act as local representatives to complete product registration application on your behalf.
  • Advice and complete procedures for quality specification of products.
  • Obtain safety licenses for qualified products.
  • File certificate extension at competent State agencies.
  • Monthly and yearly tax reporting.
  • Translate documents.
  • Get documents notarised.

Cekindo handles both the incorporation and product registration process without requiring you to be in Vietnam.

According to the government of Vietnam Decree No. 12/2006/ND-CP (2006), Vietnam prohibits the commercial importation of the following goods:

  • Military weapons
  • Explosive Materials and firecrackers
  • Second-hand consumer goods
  • Reactionary, depraved or superstitious cultural products
  • Right-hand drive motor vehicles
  • Used spare parts for vehicles
  • Narcotics
  • Certain types of children’s toys
  • Various encryption devices and encryption software
  • Refrigerating equipment using chlorofluorocarbons

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