Recruitment supports your overall business strategy and leads you when setting up strategic capabilities and functional expertise. In Vietnam, finding suitable channels to recruit qualified people requires special attention. Investors who are not familiar with the typical practices of the Vietnamese may find themselves in an extremely challenging situation. Hiring an ideal candidate is not only demanding but also time consuming.

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Vietnam Employment Agency

Employment of local and foreign employees in Vietnam requires compliance with the laws and regulations stipulated by the government, such as minimum wage, employer’s obligations, payroll, taxation, social insurance and work permit application.

It is also worth noting that foreign enterprises cannot hire local or foreign employees in Vietnam directly. They will either have to establish a local subsidiary or use intermediaries.

Opening a local subsidiary will bring extra time and costs on the registration, operations and closing. The cost of operation of the company with very limited business activities would be about USD 5000 and this still excludes time and costs of payroll, company registration and dissolution.

The solution to optimise the time and costs of opening a company is HR outsourcing service.

There are two options of HR outsourcing in Vietnam, namely Employer of Record (EOR) and Professional Employer Organisation (PEO). The main difference between the two lies on the legal employer of the workers working on payroll. Both, however, offer similar services such as tax filing, contracts and payroll.

Vietnam HR Outsourcing with Cekindo

As a Professional Employer Organisation, Cekindo has a team of HR professionals is able to develop HR functions that are designed to accommodate your unique business requirements and support your business growth.Our HR outsourcing services include, but not limited to:

  • Establishing HR policies
  • Labour contract preparation
  • Payroll calculation and processing
  • Labour law consultancy

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Selected Testimonials

Herewith we want to express our appreciation to PT. Cekindo Bisnis Grup and their team for all the support on medical devices services so far. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Cekindo for taking the time to listen to our needs. Whenever a need has arisen, we have always received their consistent, timely and quality support. We would not hesitate to recommend Cekindo team for any related activity or services.
My Linh Hoangova
Executive, ELC Group
Not only was the team professional throughout our interactions, they even went beyond their responsibilities to ensure that our company’s needs were fulfilled.
Sean Ching
Founder & CEO, Clap Tech Limited Company
Cekindo handled business visa for our new colleague promptly and made the start of our company in Vietnam easier and faster. I particularly enjoyed communication with the consultant, who advised the best solution for us and was all the time available to answer any questions. She made sure that all the documents were collected and prepared on time and we got great support during the whole process. Thank you Cekindo and I hope to cooperate again in the near future!
Ivana Bartonkova
Marketing and HR director of Port Cities Vietnam
Cekindo has assisted our company with company registration and nominee director services. Everything has gone smoothly and we wish to have further support in the future. Thank you Cekindo!
Founder, Shewutrade Group

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I employ foreigners to work for my company in Vietnam?

A foreign individual must secure a work permit prior to employment in Vietnam. Other permits such as a business visa or a residence card will not do. The only exception is for a foreigner to obtain exemption certification and meet the exemption criteria, such as being a member of the board of directors of a joint-stock company in Vietnam, is an owner of a single- or multiple-member limited liability company, etc.

Is hiring a full-time employee the same as hiring an independent contractor?

What are the most common recruitment challenges faced by companies in Vietnam?

Why should I consider recruitment outsourcing? What are the benefits for my company?

Isn't it cheaper to have an internal recruitment team?

How does Cekindo's recruitment outsourcing mechanism work?

How does Cekindo's HR outsourcing mechanism work?

How do I know if Cekindo has recruiting experience in my industry?

What process do you implement to check references and qualifications?

Confidentiality is important. How can you ensure the confidentiality of candidate database?

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