How do You Speed up Hiring Process in Vietnam?

A common strategy companies employ within the hiring process in Vietnam is associating a prolonged hiring process with recruiting a high-quality team. Although there is some merit to this argument, the pace could potentially leave you missing out on the best candidates. The importance of finding the balance between these will not only ensure you … Continued

Recruitment in Vietnam: Labour Market and Hiring Process

In Vietnam, it is important to know your opportunities and obligations when you recruit and hire people. This article will help you familiarise yourself with the labour process, employer regulations, basic hiring process in Vietnam, as well as the resources that are available for you as an employer. Find Out About Cekindo’s Recruitment Services in … Continued

Common Business Mistakes to Avoid in Vietnam

Business mistakes and frustration are not unusual when doing business in Vietnam. The lack of insight into the Vietnamese market has often given rise to some rather disheartening investments and business failures. As a reputable business consulting firm for so many years, Cekindo has had a lot of expertise to see what works and what … Continued

HR Outsourcing in Vietnam: A Comparison between EOR and PEO

Employment of both local and foreign employees must be carried out in accordance with the minimum wage set by the government in Vietnam. For those companies or individuals who are interested in investing or building businesses in the country, apart from the minimum wage, it is extremely important to understand the labour law in Vietnam. Read … Continued

Insider Tips on Foreign Employment in Vietnam

If you need skills that are in short supply in Vietnam, or when you would like to gain new ideas and technologies, your business can reap the benefits of employing talents from overseas. When it comes to employment in Vietnam, a company would like to recruit foreigners as their employees or partners, they need to … Continued