How to Successfully Onboard New Employees in Vietnam

Recruitment is closely related to employee onboarding in Vietnam. In this article you can learn how to successfully onboard new hires.

Talking about recruitment in Vietnam is not complete without talking about employee onboarding.

Employee onboarding is the process of bringing new hires into a company.

To be more specific, it is to introduce a new employee to their departmental coworkers and relevant key people, give them on-the-job training, and prepare them to be effectively contributing to the department in due time.

In general, an employee onboarding process takes less than a week or even just a day or two.

However, effective onboarding can extend to a few weeks or a few months depending on their responsibility and job complexity.

It is about giving your employees the proper framework and proper tools to handle their jobs more productively and efficiently.

Therefore, you must ensure that you have given enough onboarding time for your employees so that they can hit their performance goals.

Commonly, the Human Resources Department is the one who is responsible for the new employee onboarding. They should also work closely with the employee’s department head to ensure all onboarding items are covered.

How to Successfully Onboard New Hires in Vietnam

The success of your recruitment in Vietnam is often the direct result of the steps you take post-hiring, which is the onboarding of new employees.

Below are some of the tricks, and you will find that you achieve more favourable outcomes in hiring if you apply them in your business.

1. Prepare a Plan

Before anything else, you need to have a plan for your new employee. The plan should have clear objectives and deliverables over the next few weeks.

Remember to include all tasks, training, and important meetings they will need to engage in.
The plan provides your new hire with a clear picture of their roles and responsibilities.

2. Get Ready the Fundamentals

The first day of the onboarding process is critical for the new hire. Take care of the basic requirements that you need to ensure that the process goes effectively.

This can mean setting up the workspace properly, providing them with their email address and employee’s login details, installing the software they will need, or organising the security access.

It is also necessary to let them get familiar with the office environment by doing an office tour, briefing them the company policy, culture and code, and filling out any required paperwork.

3. Be Available for Them

Sometimes new workers shy away from asking questions as they are still unfamiliar with the workplace yet.

Therefore, be sure to have scheduled meetings with the new employee at the beginning and encourage them to ask questions or give feedback about their job.

Follow-up meetings are necessary to keep the pace of their adaptability and clarify any concerns they may have.

Constant communication is crucial in every stage of your employee’s journey.

4. Foster Relationships

Your employees are not just people who work for you. They need to feel a sense of belonging, community, and purpose in the workplace as well. The success of your business depends invariably on your company culture.

So be sure to introduce the new hire to other coworkers, managers, and other key personnel. Assist them in developing relationships with others so they can integrate well into the organisation with the right attitudes and values.

5. Give Them Clear Roles and Objectives

An employee will have a stronger engagement when they know their role perfectly and the objectives are evident.

Explain their roles, give them a bigger picture, and let them understand how they can help achieve the company goals as a family.

Offering outlooks into their future career progression opportunities can bring forth a sense of commitment and dedication as well.

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