Guide to Starting a 100% Foreign-owned Business in Vietnam

A comprehensive checklist which includes all legal, tax and HR requirements for starting a business in Vietnam

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Vietnam Tourism Industry 2022

Vietnam’s Tourism Industry is All Set to Bounce Back in 2022 – What Investors Should Know.

With over 19 million tourists flocking to Vietnam in 2019, and spending around USD 32.76 billion each year, the government has been mulling the decision to reopen Vietnam’s tourism industry in 2022

lean manufacturing vietnam

Lean manufacturing in Vietnam: opportunities and challenges

Businesses around the world are switching to lean manufacturing in favor of maximum efficiency. Here's why companies in Vietnam should, too.

vietnam wealth management sector

Vietnam Wealth Management Sector Projected to be the Fastest Growing in APAC

With the rise of FinTech companies in Vietnam, the wealth management sector is expanding faster and becoming more competitive than ever.

Why Singaporean Businesses Should Invest in Vietnam Now

9 Reasons Why Singaporean Businesses Should Invest in Vietnam Now

April 2018 celebrated 45 years of diplomatic ties between Singapore and Vietnam. 8 reasons Singaporeans should invest and set up business in Vietnam now.

Vietnam Business Opportunities 2022

Vietnam Business Opportunities 2022

In recent years, Vietnam has been a reason why many foreign enterprises come here. To find out, read Vietnam Business Opportunities 2022 now.

vietnam minimum wage 2022

Vietnam’s Minimum Wage to see 6% Increase from July 2022

New updates from the Vietnam's National Salary Council will enforce 6% increase in minimum wages across regions. Here are the exact numbers.

vietnam F&B Industry

Top F&B Startups in Vietnam Shaking up the Industry

In 2020, the F&B sector in Vietnam clocked USD 42 million in revenue and made a 15.8% contribution to the GDP of the country.

vietnam entry requirements quarantine rules

Vietnam Travel Guide in 2022: Restrictions, Quarantine and Visa

Vietnam entry requirements and quarantine rules during COVID-19: from January 1, 2022, the quarantine duration is now shorter, only 3 days for fully vaccinated entrants.

Vietnam Economy Growth 2030

Vietnam’s Economy Set for Regional Dominance by 2030 & Beyond

According to the recent projections made by the World Bank, Vietnam’s economy is expected to be the second biggest by 2030, after Singapore.

Logistics Company Vietnam: An Establishment Guide

A Guide to Setting up a Logistics Company in Vietnam

The logistics market in Vietnam has created opportunities for local and foreign companies to profit immensely. Now is the time to invest

Vietnam's Alternative Investing Destination

Danang’s Industrial Park: Vietnam’s Alternative Investing Destination

Danang has converted itself into the country's fastest-growing economy. Look into Vietnam's Alternative Investing Destination today now!

guide to how to import wine to vietnam

How to Import Wine to Vietnam: A Comprehensive Guide

Learn how to import wine to Vietnam. From regulations to customs, from restrictions to labeling this guide will walk you through the process.