Guide to Starting a 100% Foreign-owned Business in Vietnam

A comprehensive checklist which includes all legal, tax and HR requirements for starting a business in Vietnam

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incorp global acquires cekindo vietnam

[Press Release] InCorp Global Takes Shape in Vietnam through Acquisition of Cekindo Business International

As InCorp Global looks for opportunities in Vietnam, Cekindo becomes a trusted partner in the country with great expertise and track record.

Immigration guide for foreign investors in vietnam

Comprehensive Immigration Guide for Foreign Investors Interested in Vietnam

Once you have incorporated your business in Vietnam you may apply for an investor visa & residency. This is a guide for investors.

switch business process outsourcing to incorp vietnam

Switch to InCorp Vietnam for your Business Process Outsourcing

Doing business in Vietnam is a unique but complex experience. Here's how to make your business processes efficient and hassle-free with InCorp Vietnam (formerly Cekindo).

Importer of Record Vietnam

How to import into Vietnam without a presence: Importer of Record

Introducing & importing new products into Vietnam can be done easily in the beginning by using an employer of record. Find out how,

vat refunds in vietnam your questions answered

VAT Refunds for Companies in Vietnam: Your Questions Answered

In Vietnam, VAT refunds are given to companies that overpay their VAT. Read for more details on eligibility, deadlines, and how to apply.

Vietnam EAEU FTA

Vietnam-EAEU Free Trade Agreement – First Bilateral FTA From the Eurasian Union

The Vietnam-EAEU Free Trade Agreement is the very first bilateral FTA from the Eurasian Union. It produced 7.18 Billion in Exports in 2019.

Vietnam Shipping & Port Infrastructure

Vietnam’s Shipping Industry & Port Development Plan for Rising Demand – Trade Surplus of $3.9B

New ports and improved shipping infrastructure is being planned in order for Vietnam to deal with the rising export demand.

luxury watches and jewelry vietnam

How Popular are Luxury Watches and Jewelry in Vietnam? – An Overview of the Market

The Vietnam luxury market has barely felt the impact of the COVID pandemic: market growth is stronger than ever, and watches and jewelry are in vogue.

Value of SEA's Fintech Industry

Southeast Asia Fintech Industry Valued at 11 Billion USD

The total value of the fintech industry in Southeast Asia is valued currently at 11 Billion USD

Details of Vietnam and Japan Trade

Understand the Fundamentals of Japan & Vietnam’s Trade Under the VJEPA

Trade has flourished between Vietnam and Japan under the VJEPA and within the different trade blocs that the two countries are members of, here is all the data.

Vietnam full list of Free Trade Agreements FTA

The Definitive Guide to Vietnam’s 14 Currently Active Free Trade Agreements

Vietnam has come a long way from the war-torn, underdeveloped colony, partly thanks to its 14 FTAs with over 50 countries and economic blocs.

complete guide corporate tax compliance obligations vietnam

Complete Guide to Corporate Taxes and Compliance Obligations in Vietnam made by Experts

Vietnam has quite a complex tax structure. This guide details all corporate taxes (CIT, VAT, PIT) and compliance processes in Vietnam.

Chief Accountant Vietnam

Chief Accountant for Companies in Vietnam: Know Your Obligations

A chief accountant is a legal requirement for most companies in Vietnam as they are responsible for all official financial statements.