Vietnam: The Most Promising Startup Hub of Southeast Asia

Startups in Vietnam have continued to grow exponentially. Here are insights into Vietnam as the most promising startup hub in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam has become a center for startup companies since 2017, almost taking on Indonesia and also Singapore. The country has a massive head start for startups in many ways because of an incredibly supportive government, a tech-savvy and even relatively young population, diverse demographics, and the capability to attract top talent.

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Despite the impact of COVID-19, startups in Vietnam have continued to grow since the last two quarters of 2020.

Most Promising Sectors for Establishing a Startup in Vietnam

Let’s take a look at the fastest-growing industries in Vietnam to determine where the most opportunities may exist for startups:

1. Technology Sector

The tech field sits on top of Vietnam’s startup ecosystem. The investment funds in technology startups have climbed eight times higher since 2016, hitting US$ 861 million in 2019. This growth is more profound in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, with the full tech and startup ecosystems.

In 2020, there were at least 123 fintech startups in Vietnam. Compared with 2017, there were just 44 of them.

2. Textile and Garment Manufacturing Industry

Vietnam is known as the top exporter of textile, fabrics, and garments in the world. The industry has contributed to 290.4$ billion of the country’s GDP.

This industry comprises three sub-sectors: fiber manufacturing in the upstream sector, textile production and dyeing in the midstream field, and garment production in the downstream area.

In 2019, export income from the textile and garment sector increased to US$ 39 billion – a significant increase of 8.3% compared to 2018. The major export destinations of Vietnam’s textile and garment products are the United States, Japan, Europe, and South Korea.

3. Automobile Industry

Vietnam’s automobile is one of the fastest-expanding sectors in the country, even though it has a relatively smaller market size. Three subsectors in automobile manufacturing in Vietnam are Complete Knocked Down (CKD), Semi Knocked Down (SKD), and Complete Built-Up (CBU).

In 2019, the sector added 3% of GDP, and the significant contribution comes from the export vehicle components. More than 288,000 vehicles were sold in Vietnam in 2019 as well.

The most notable news from Vietnam’s automobile industry of course is the arrival of Vietnam’s very own homegrown car company, Vinfast. This company is backed by German engineering and the largest conglomerate in the country, Vingroup. They are manufacturing a wide range of vehicles and are planning to enter the US and European markets this year (2021).

To aid local businesses to recuperate from the COVID-19 effect, Vietnam’s government took out half of the vehicle registration cost, which was available on December 31, 2020. Furthermore, thanks to the establishment of EVFTA, the EU’s exported vehicles and vehicle parts have zero import tax.

Startup Regulations Investors Should Pay Attention To

Effective from January 2018, the Vietnam Law on Supporting Small and Medium-sized Companies supports startups in their training, technology transfer, training, trade promo, financial investments, preferential loans, and capital funds incentives.

Following the law mentioned above is the Decree 38/ND-CP that came into force in March 2018. This Decree focuses on investments in innovative startups. Therefore, in Vietnam, startup investment activities are recognized legally as businesses, and thus innovative startups and funds will have their legal status. The State can also invest in a startup company by law, capped at 30% of the total investments.

The Law on Technology Transfer also permits funds in Science and Technology Development, enabling tax exemptions for investing in startups.

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