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Developing a Smart City with Smart Fire Protection

Helping a Chinese tech enterprise provide fire security system in Vietnam

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Help FIRETECH tap the Vietnamese market to strengthen their product sales manufacted in China.


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Company registration with only 1.5 months of establishment process, trading license, a coworking dedicated space, and local business process outsourcing.

Read About Cekindo’s Business Set Up Services in Vietnam

As the technology advances around the globe, the demand for a smart city keeps increasing. To carry out such vision, there is a need for integrating the new generation of information technology, including Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, and mobile internet. However, with an advanced technology, comes a new risk, such as fire disaster.

What is the best solution to tackle it?

A Brand-New Fire Protection Solution

In 1993, FireTech Yingkou Tiancheng Fire Protection Equipment Co., Ltd was established as a progressive supplier of Smart Protection Solution in the industry. FireTech aims in providing Smart Protection Solution that adheres to the whole design concept of a smart city by taking advantage of the latest advancements in the technology.

Integrating fire protection and remote control system, the system contains

“the current fire protection scheme and the updated scheme for the future informational city, which can ensure the effective operation of fire alarm system and the whole linkage system.”

With over 30 branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities and regions, FireTech has been relaying on its own prudent management, independent research and development, individual production, sustainable innovation and opening cooperation.

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Providing Fire Security System in Vietnam

In 2019, FireTech collaborated with Cekindo to set up a business in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, including all business process outsourcing steps to successfully run operations in Vietnam with foreign and local employees. Cekindo was appointed as the main consultant for the company’s legal entity set up and compliance in the country.

The company further engaged us in providing company registration with trading license, a bank account, nominee director, a coworking dedicated space, accounting & tax reporting, payroll outsourcing, business visa and work permits for foreign employees.

In result, the company was successfully established in only 1.5 months!

Before the application, we had 2-week document preparation.

Firetech Vietnam

Cekindo is currently the company’s only partner in Vietnam for back-office operation services as we provide full one-stop solution for market-entry and local business process outsourcing.

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