Case Study

PT. Jaminan HVACR Sistem: A Case Study

1. Case Problem

PT. Jaminan HVACR Sistem is a company engaged in the field of cooling systems (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning) that provides a total solution for the HVACR needs of the Maritime and Industrial. 

They provide various types of products and services and is committed to meeting the needs and desires of consumers. They are committed to providing services that meet the needs of all consumers in an efficient and strive to exceed the expectations of consumers in accordance with the rules and regulations. They are determined to provide the best standard with special emphasis on reliability, expertise and competitiveness. They are also always trying to maintain the standards and the best quality for the products and services offered. We take pride in providing the best service for continuous improvement.


2. Solving and Solution

HVACR wants to set up business in Indonesia, and intend to establish a local nominee company in Indonesia. in order to be a legal company in Indonesia, HVACR must completed every requirements including every legal documents, licenses, permits, shareholder, commissioner, and agreements. As a company that establish in Indonesia, HVACR have to ensure their daily operation is working well especially due to the legal in Indonesia such as legal administrative in Indonesia which include Tax reporting and payroll processing.


3. Cekindo Services Solution

HVACR appointed Cekindo as the main consultant for their legal entity set up and compliance and engage Cekindo to provide Local Nominee Company services in the initial stage with following services:

  • Local Company Registration (PT)
  • Business License
  • 2 Local Shareholder Nominees
  • 1 Local Commissioner Nominee
  • Full Package of Agreements for nominees
  • Free Tax reporting and payroll processing (10 employees) 1st year


4. Result and Impact

HVACR successfully set up local nominee in Indonesia with every requirements completed. All the necessary documentation to be a legal company that operates here in Indonesia already handled well. For initial step, HVACR have some needs regarding the business license, also HVACR have make agreements for both local shareholder nominee, and local comisioner nominee. And for daily administrative operational such as payroll processing and tax reporting already handled well Also.

The Testimonial From PT. Jaminan HVACR Sistem

“We started cooperating with Cekindo because we saw their professionalism and industry knowledge on how to set up a new business in Indonesia. the service response is prompt and since we are not a Bahasa speaking company. They can communicate with us well and do understand our needs. The biggest added value that we experience are the prompt response and how well they communicate with us. The service is sincere and straight to the point.”

Von Sibal – Manager, PT. Jaminan HVACR Sistem.

5. Challenge and Cross Services

The preparation for whole requirements and process completed without hassle and legally. The daily operation can run well and also provided for business needs.

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