How to Comply with Mandatory E-Invoices in Vietnam

In an effort to create an attractive business environment for foreign investors and reduce the complexity of Vietnam’s policy of digitalization, the Vietnamese government took a huge step towards becoming one of the most prominent and emerging global business hubs. One of these policies is by making some accounting features digitalized for ease of processing … Continued

Digitalising Vietnam through E-invoices: Your Guideline

E-invoicing unquestionably plays an essential role in digitalising business operations in Vietnam. The use of e-invoice is very common all over the world and in an effort to attract more foreign investments, Vietnam has also adopted the system. Read More About Cekindo’s E-invoicing Services The government in Vietnam has issued Circular 68 to give guidance … Continued

9 Most Popular Questions about E-Invoicing in Vietnam

With an effort to switch from paper invoices to electronic invoices, a proposal from the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam had been accepted by the Vietnamese government. Therefore, Decree 119 in regard to the use of electronic invoices for the sales of goods and services was issued and has been effective since November 1, 2018. … Continued