Important Things to Know when Selling a Business in Vietnam 

Selling a business in Vietnam is a prevalent business practice for foreign investors to roll the money into the next profitable venture. However, before selling a business in Vietnam, there are things you must consider. In this article, InCorp Vietnam has listed out some of the important ones. Get in touch with the InCorp Vietnam … Continued

How to Dissolve a Company in Vietnam

Starting a business in Vietnam is what many entrepreneurs and business owners desire. However, being able to start a company does not necessarily mean success. Globally, 90% of startups fail and that’s a scary figure to look at. The truth is, no one business fails without any signs or warnings. For many business owners, there … Continued

A Guide to Closing a Representative Office in Vietnam

A representative office in Vietnam is often seen as an extension of a parent company overseas. Since the participation of Vietnam in the World Trade Organization (WTO) more than a decade ago, a multitude of foreigners prefer the representative office structure due to its simple setup. This type of structure allows foreign investors to test … Continued

Business Suspension: An Alternative to Closing a Company in Vietnam

Instead of closing a company or dissolving a company in Vietnam, there is an alternative to consider: suspending a business. A business suspension means a company decides to temporarily delay or terminate its business operation without closing their company in Vietnam. The process of a business suspension is less complicated than a company dissolution and … Continued