5 Important Uses of A Coworking Space in Ho Chi Minh City You Didn’t Know

Businesses around the world are moving towards flexible working spaces such as coworking spaces, virtual offices, and serviced offices. Vietnam, particularly its largest and most compact urban city—Ho Chi Minh City—has also seen coworking space as the future of the workplace. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, small-medium enterprises, large corporations are increasingly opting for coworking space in Ho … Continued

How a Coworking Space can Benefit Your Startup Business in Ho Chi Minh City

With startup businesses are on the rise in Vietnam, it becomes an icon for other businesses to follow their steps to success. Whilst the number of start-up businesses has increased by 45% from 2016 to 2017, then came 2020, when the country recorded a US$400 million increase in startup funding (1). the industry is constantly … Continued

7 Surprising Benefits of a Coworking Space in Ho Chi Minh City

Driven by both international and local players, the market for coworking space in Ho Chi Minh city is growing rapidly. The coworking space in Ho Chi Minh City is increasingly becoming an alternative to traditional commercial offices and home offices. According to a recent study Ho Chi Minh City ranks 41st among world’s 50 fastest … Continued

Coworking Spaces in Vietnam: The Trends for 2020

A significant shift is observed in how people work and regard their future workspaces. A coworking space now allows people to move out from conventional offices and cafes to a much flexible and creative working environment anywhere in the world, including in Vietnam. Read About Cekindo’s Coworking Space Options in Vietnam These revolutionary office solutions … Continued

Essential Checklist before Renting A Coworking Space in Vietnam

The popularity of coworking spaces in Vietnam is evidently on the rise. With many benefits, especially for foreign startups, coworking spaces have a favorable mode of productive work. Read About Cekindo’s Coworking Space Options in Ho Chi Minh City Finding the perfect co-working space can be a daunting process, especially when it is your first … Continued