Your Quick Guide to Trademark Registration in Vietnam

The key question to consider is, “Is my company adequately protected?” Amidst the multitude of factors to address when doing business in a foreign nation like Vietnam, entrepreneurs often overlook crucial aspects that can significantly impact their business. Therefore, we are reminding you that trademark registration in Vietnam is an absolute must. Read More About … Continued

Regulations on Company Name in Vietnam

Among many countries in Asia, Vietnam is a top destination for foreign individuals or enterprises to start a new company or expand their business. With the increasing foreign investments and business registration in Vietnam, the Vietnamese government also enacted several policies and incentives that are favorable for foreign investments. When choosing your company name in … Continued

Things Foreign Investors Need to Know About IP Rights & Protection in Vietnam

Intellectual property (IP) is a word that refers to a brand, idea, design, or other types of products that a person or corporation owns legally. Almost every firm has some sort of intellectual property (IP), which may be considered a corporate asset. Copyright, Patents, Designs, and Trademarks are examples of common forms of intellectual property. … Continued