Guide to Health Supplement Registration in Vietnam

Foreign health products are dominating the Vietnamese market. With a small Vietnamese production and just a few varieties, Vietnamese clients are highly dependent on international brands. In comparison to other countries, the Vietnamese health product market started to boom quite late. It was in the 1990s when the first imported products entered Vietnam with the … Continued

How Big and Promising is the Vietnam Pharmaceutical Market?

The pharmaceutical market is a massive contributor to Vietnam’s rapid economic development. As Vietnam continues to expand, this continues to show plenty of opportunity for foreign investors. Interested in investing in Vietnam’s Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry? See the following services: Medical Device Registration & Health Supplement Registration Business Set Up in Vietnam In the last … Continued

Healthcare Industry in Vietnam: Why You Should Invest Now

With a massive influx of foreign companies, rising disposable income, consistent economic growth, and a burgeoning demographic trend, the prospects of the healthcare industry in Vietnam looks promising. Read more about Cekindo’s Product Registration Services in Vietnam & Company Registration Demand in the healthcare sector is robust, resilient, and is less affected by economic fluctuations, … Continued