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FDI in Vietnam in September 2023

FDI in Vietnam’s September 2023: Economic Expansion Highlights

Explore booming FDI in Vietnam in September 2023 with foreign investments, infrastructure growth, and more. Invest in Vietnam's future!

Renewable energy

Renewable Energy in Vietnam: Tax Incentives and Investment Opportunities

Explore tax incentives in Vietnam's renewable energy indsutry and Chinese investors' presence. Invest in sustainable energy for a dynamic future.

Vietnam's August 2023

Vietnam’s August 2023: An Overlook of Surging Top Industries’ FDI

Discover August 2023's FDI surge in Vietnam's top attractive industries. Explore a dynamic international economic growth of Vietnam.

Vietnam's ICT Industry

Vietnam’s ICT Industry: A Dynamic Market for Foreign Investment

Discover Vietnam's ICT industry: government support, market sector growth, key sub-sectors, market trends, leaders, and investment prospects.

Top VIETNAM Industries for Chinese Investors in Vietnam

Top Industries for Chinese Investors to Start a Business in Vietnam

Discover sectors attracting Chinese investors to Vietnam. Uncover industries fueling cross-border success and economic growth.

Vietnam Luxury Fashion

Exploring Vietnam as a Prime Destination for Luxury Clothing Brands: A Haven for Foreign Investors

Explore Vietnam as a destination for luxury clothing brands, attracting foreigners with a thriving market & business-friendly environment.

Real or Fake Visa Agent in Vietnam

Are You Dealing with a Real or Fake Visa Agent in Vietnam?

In this article, you will find out how to choose a trusted visa agent in Vietnam and understand the characteristics of a fake visa agent.

trademark service

Your Quick Guide to Trademark Registration in Vietnam

When running a business in Vietnam, registering your trademark is essential. Read our quick guide on Vietnam trademark registration.

moving Chinese Businesses to Vietnam

Moving to Vietnam for Chinese Businesses: What are the Benefits?

The trade war between the US and China has shown no sign of stopping. Moving to Vietnam for Chinese Businesses, then, brings major benefits.