Guide to Starting a 100% Foreign-owned Business in Vietnam

A comprehensive checklist which includes all legal, tax and HR requirements for starting a business in Vietnam

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cultural sensitivity training vietnam

What’s Cultural Sensitivity Training & How Can It Help Companies In Vietnam?

Cultural sensitivity training bridges workplace gaps between individuals of various backgrounds. Learn how to foster a business where differences thrive.

FDI in Vietnam in September 2023

FDI in Vietnam’s September 2023: Economic Expansion Highlights

Explore booming FDI in Vietnam in September 2023 with foreign investments, infrastructure growth, and more. Invest in Vietnam's future!

Renewable energy

Renewable Energy in Vietnam: Tax Incentives and Investment Opportunities

Explore tax incentives in Vietnam's renewable energy indsutry and Chinese investors' presence. Invest in sustainable energy for a dynamic future.

Singapore's MRA Grant

Singapore’s MRA Grant for SMEs: Case Studies from Milieu and Cargosavvy

Explore Singapore's MRA Grant for SMEs in the Vietnamese market. Learn eligibility, benefits, and success stories in this insightful article.

Vietnam's August 2023

Vietnam’s August 2023: An Overlook of Surging Top Industries’ FDI

Discover August 2023's FDI surge in Vietnam's top attractive industries. Explore a dynamic international economic growth of Vietnam.

Vietnam's ICT Industry

Vietnam’s ICT Industry: A Dynamic Market for Foreign Investment

Discover Vietnam's ICT industry: government support, market sector growth, key sub-sectors, market trends, leaders, and investment prospects.

Top VIETNAM Industries for Chinese Investors in Vietnam

Top Industries for Chinese Investors to Start a Business in Vietnam

Discover sectors attracting Chinese investors to Vietnam. Uncover industries fueling cross-border success and economic growth.

China +1 Strategy

China +1 Strategy in Vietnam: An Overview for Chinese Investors

Discover China +1 strategy and Vietnam's advantages. Cost savings, skilled labor, trade deals, and opportunities for Chinese investors.

Vietnam Luxury Fashion

Exploring Vietnam as a Prime Destination for Luxury Clothing Brands: A Haven for Foreign Investors

Explore Vietnam as a destination for luxury clothing brands, attracting foreigners with a thriving market & business-friendly environment.

Vietnam FDI

Vietnam’s FDI: Analysis of Industries, Source Countries, and Geographical Regions

Explore Vietnam's open-door incentives and FDI's impact on economic development. Gain insights on industries, regions, and source countries.

complete guide doing business in vietnam

Doing Business in Vietnam as a Foreign Investor: What, Where, Why, How?

All the essential do's and don'ts of doing business in Vietnam for foreign investors: benefits, challenges, and how to get started.

establish or buy a hotel in vietnam

Capitalizing on Hospitality Demand: Starting a Hotel in Vietnam

Discover steps to start a hotel as a foreign investor. Gain insights to capitalize on opportunities when starting a hotel in Vietnam.