Shelf Company vs. Registering a Company in Vietnam

According to official World Bank figures, Vietnam’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which accounts for 0.27 percent of the global economy, was valued at 362.64 trillion US dollars in 2021. This rate is approximately 2.1 percent higher than it was in 2011. Due to Vietnam’s political stability and booming economy, foreign businesses have been pouring in … Continued

What do Electronics Manufacturers See in Vietnam’s $116 Billion Industry?

In recent years, Electronics manufacturers all over the world are pivoting towards Vietnam to manufacture their products. For instance, Xiaomi Corp announced that it had started producing smartphones in Vietnam as part of an effort to expand its regional presence. Samsung Electronics’ smartphone manufacturing contributed USD 57.5 billion to the country’s exports in 2021.  Interested … Continued

Required Certificates and Licenses for Foreign Business Registration in Vietnam

Starting a business in Vietnam is more difficult than in any developed nation in Asia, as it’s still a developing nation going through fast changes. The average time to establish a 100% foreign-owned company in Vietnam can be as little as 45 days and involves many steps, the most important being applying for the correct … Continued

Regulations on Company Name in Vietnam

Among many countries in Asia, Vietnam is a top destination for foreign individuals or enterprises to start a new company or expand their business. With the increasing foreign investments and business registration in Vietnam, the Vietnamese government also enacted several policies and incentives that are favorable for foreign investments. When choosing your company name in … Continued

Business Opportunities in Vietnam, a Guide for Investors

With increasingly active trade and commerce deals, the ASEAN regional economy is growing well, despite a worldwide economic slump and a harsh business climate in light of the last two years overshadowed by a crippling global health crisis. ASEAN economies like Vietnam have astonished the global investment ecosystem with their rapid economic development and ability … Continued

When is Local Company a Better Choice than Foreign Company in Vietnam?

Due to the fact that 100% foreign ownership is allowed in many business sectors, foreigners are encouraged to make investment through company incorporation. One way to do it is by setting up a foreign company when it comes to company registration in Vietnam. However, in certain sectors, some restrictions still apply to a foreign-owned company. … Continued

Everything You Need To Know To Set Up a 100% Foreign-owned Company in Vietnam

Vietnam has turned into a utopia for foreign investors, thanks to the government’s extensive assistance and trade agreements, the growing middle-income groups, and evolving consumer attitudes. The country’s promising economic opportunities act as a catalyst for foreigners to form and register businesses in the country. This small Southeast Asian country is one of the few … Continued

How to Register Your Business in Malaysia from Vietnam Efficiently

The Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) states that investments in Malaysia rose by 83% to a total of RM 306.5 billion (~USD 73.33 billion) in 2021. Most of these investments were in the manufacturing sector, which saw a 114% increase from the previous year, with the electrical and electronics industry being the biggest recipient. This … Continued

Singapore’s MRA Grant – Market Expansion into Vietnam

What is Singapore’s MRA Grant? The Market Readiness Assistance (MRA) grant was first announced by the Singaporean government in 2013. Essentially, it is a government grant designed to introduce opportunities to Singapore’s SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and help them establish operations in new markets around the world. More specifically, it provides a capital incentive … Continued

[2022 Update] How to Qualify as a Hi-tech Enterprise in Vietnam

Vietnam has been considered the emerging star of the Asian hi-tech industry thanks to significant foreign investment from multinational businesses such as Samsung, Microsoft, Intel, Jinko Solar Technology, AT&S, LG, and others.  The Vietnamese government has developed several significant criteria to attract hi-tech businesses to enter the country, resulting in a wave of foreign investment … Continued