Vietnam’s Work Permit and Temporary Residence Card for Foreigners

As Vietnam’s economy grows, the demand for foreign workers has also grown due to the lack of local qualified workers and an increasing number of foreign businesses setting up here. As more and more foreign workers enter the country, businesses must be cognizant of the regulations related to the acquisition of work permits and Temporary Residence Cards in Vietnam.

FAQ on Temporary Residence Card (TRC) in Vietnam 2022

There’s no doubt that Vietnam is and always will be an attractive destination for foreign nationals to live, work and study. Therefore, a lot of foreigners have been spending a long time in Vietnam and would like to know what they can do to reside longer in this amazing country. In order to reside in … Continued

Introduction to a Temporary Residence Card in Vietnam

In order to encourage tourism and investments from abroad, the government has recently relaxed the process of obtaining a temporary residence card in Vietnam. This permit is an essential document for foreigners who are staying in the country long-term and as well as a mandatory part of applications submitted by foreigners who want to extend … Continued