Joel Zorrilla

Joel is currently a Marketing Manager at InCorp Vietnam, in charge of Content Marketing, PPC, Social Media, and growth strategy. He has been writing content for over 10 years, 7 of those years in Vietnam, for various magazines and business publications.

Vietnam economy 2036

Vietnam’s Economic Growth Projections: Surpassing Southeast Asian Nations by 2036

By 2036, Vietnam's economy is projected to emerge as the second-largest in Southeast Asia, following Indonesia, according to recent World Bank projections.

Automation in Vietnam

Automation in Vietnam Driving Economic Innovation & Industrialization

About 10% of firms' operational tasks in Vietnam have been automated in the last three years, this is expected to grow to 25% by 2023

Vietnam Electric Car

Vietnam’s Flourishing Electric Vehicles Market – What Investors Need to Know

Electric vehicles (EVs) are playing a pivotal role in Vietnam’s endeavor to switch to low-carbon fuel solutions. This is a guide for investors

Luxury Cosmetics Vietnam

Why Global Luxury Cosmetics Brands are Pouring into Vietnam

Vietnam has the fastest-growing middle class in Southeast Asia, fueling demand for consumer goods, including luxury cosmetics.

Top Podcasts in Vietnam

Top Business-related Podcast in Vietnam Entrepreneurs Should Listen to

This article will detail the top podcasts we recommend for entrepreneurs operating in Vietnam, ranging in topics from self-help to business.

Vietnam's Luxury Market

Vietnam is Asia’s fastest-growing market for luxury goods

The rising middle class with a larger income to dispense along with the country’s fast-growing economy are a few reasons why luxury goods brands are flocking to Vietnam.

Vietnam Crypto Market 2022

Recent Developments in Vietnam’s cryptocurrency Market – a 2022 Update

Did you know that Vietnam is one of the top three cryptocurrency adopters globally? In fact one in five people possesses Bitcoin in Vietnam.

Agile Organization Benefits Vietnam

Benefits of Setting up an Agile Organization in Vietnam

Over the last decade, we have identified some patterns, which show the challenges of foreigners doing business in Vietnam. An Agile organization can overcome those issues.

Vietnam's low operating costs

Here’s why Vietnam has Some of the World’s Lowest Operating Costs

Vietnam low operating costs are one of the most attractive selling points attracting foreign investors, find out why.

HCMC Company Incorporation Services

Company Incorporation in Ho Chi Minh City: the Essential Guide

Ho Chi Minh City generates one-third of Vietnam's total GDP. It is also one of the fastest expanding marketplaces for technology, manufacturing, and the top developing property market.

Employee Engagement Vietnam

How to Engage & Motivate your local Employees as a Foreigner Manager/Owner in Vietnam

It’s time to examine common issues faced by foreign managers and business owners in Vietnam related to Employee enagagement (or lack thereof)

advantages of tax advisory vietnam

Tax Advisory in Vietnam: What are the Advantages?

The advantages of employing the services of tax advisory in Vietnam include helping process large volumes of transactions while staying compliant