Establishment of Representative Office in Vietnam: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to company registration in Vietnam, a representative office can be a viable option for foreign companies looking to establish their business presence. A representative office offers an affordable solution, particularly for newcomers who aim to familiarize themselves with the Vietnamese market. It is typically a preliminary step taken by foreign companies before … Continued

Restrictions for Representative Office in Vietnam

One of the legal entities that a foreign company or a foreign investor can establish in Vietnam is a representative office. This type of company formation is an effective way for foreign companies or investors to observe and analyze the local market before committing to a full market entrance into the country. Find Out About … Continued

FAQ: Everything to Know about Representative Office License in Vietnam

A foreign company planning to expand its business in Vietnam can benefit substantially by setting up a representative office. For example, no capital is required and you are allowed to open a bank account in the country. Furthermore, you can hire both local and foreign employees and handle sales and delivery under your parent company. … Continued

Setting Up A Representative Office in Vietnam: A Quick Guide

When it comes to company registration in Vietnam, one of the legal entity options a foreign company would consider for their business establishment is a representative office. A representative office gives a low-cost option for companies, especially for the first-time entrants who seek to understand the Vietnamese market. This is usually done before a foreign … Continued

Everything You Need To Know About Setting Up a Representative Office in Vietnam

When it comes to investing in Vietnam, most foreign investors operate under the impression that creating a foreign-owned company, like LLC or JSC, is the only way through it. However, for a more pragmatic approach, a lot of new investors prefer setting up a Representative Office (RO) in Vietnam. Setting up a representative office in … Continued

What are the Requirements for Starting a Representative Office in Vietnam?

The low operating and labor costs, stable political environment, and rising economic prospects are why Vietnam is attracting both private and foreign investors to take part in its dynamic market. To start a business in Vietnam, foreigners have several options for legal entities to choose from. Among all, the representative office in Vietnam is one … Continued